The Imperfect Perfect Penis.


Not too long ago I wrote an article called ‘Your Ugly Vagina Is Normal & Gorgeous’ so I only thought it fair to explore some of the taboos of male genitalia—specifically the ‘size’ of penises.

I was inspired to write this piece based on a BBC documentary called ‘My Penis and Everyone Else’s’.

The size of one’s member isn’t necessarily a coffee table discussion, so how do we gauge how ‘big’ the problem is if men don’t want to talk about it?

Well, I started to do some research and my first question was—what is the average size of a penis?

The Penis Erectus Lengthus. 

According to Dr. David Delvin, for decades, medical documents and articles have stated that the erect penile length is typically about 6.5 inches (16.5 cm). However, more recent numbers share that the length of an erect penis is about 5.88 inches (14.9 cm), which is considerably less than the ‘old’ measurement.

With further investigation, I have discovered that in numerous other medical documents and research findings that the ‘range’ is more like 5 to 5.7 inches—at full attention (12.8 to 14 cm)—to which 90% of men fall into.

Please note, these figures are for varying ethnicities and adult ages.

And, well, despite popular belief, there seems to be no real correlation between a person’s height, size of hands, feet or nose with their penis girth or length.

If you’re curious—the man with the largest penis in the world, according to a variety of sources, measures out to be 13.5 inches (34.29 cm), and from what I read, in 2008, he had been single for many years, was living at home with mum and hoping to find a partner who wouldn’t find him a freak of nature.

So, who’s to blame for the miscalculations of membership sizes?

No, it’s not Ron Jeremy. It’s self-measurement. It’s just unreliable.

According to research, those who have performed the self-measurement tend to provide ‘larger’ statistics than those gauged by a physician or a professional penis measurer.

Well, enough said about that, and it’s the nose that grows longer with lies, not the penis! Ask the guy made of wood!

Another thing: ethnicity and penis size—there are all sorts of varying statistics, research, lack of research and numerous agreements and disagreements on this topic.

African men have the largest penises while Asians, the smallest, but then again Asian women have the smallest vaginas, right? Wrong.

Or at least I haven’t found any solid evidence stating that any theories regarding ethnicity and penis size are 100% true. What I have found out concerning this topic is that there are many opposing sides. So, perhaps it’s safest to trust your own experiences and do you own experimentation. Have fun.

You can also check out the The Penis Size World Map. I recommend being ‘largely’ sceptical. You’ll see why.

Have companies exploited a society-generated obsession or is size something partners demand?

“I do think pornography and the way it seeped into culture has had some effect because it’s so saturated, it’s so become a norm that people are seeing sex and their bodies through a completely distorted lens.” -Rowan Peeling, Former Editor of the Erotic Review.

Sure, the world of porn tends to attract actors with a certain size, but don’t we know that most of them aren’t ‘typical’?

Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that not every other guy is John Holmes. Not even close—not by a ‘long’ shot.

In today’s world of sex toys, vibrators and gadgets, it seems there are a lot of solutions that could appeal to a partner’s need for size, but what intrigues me more, is why someone would feel ‘bad’ about their penis size.

I can’t help but wonder how much of our opinions are actually ‘real’ versus what has been implanted into our brains and low self-esteem by the media, companies and even doctors looking to make a profit.

What do you think?

Despite the pills, crèmes, pumps, weights and exercises out there, there is nothing proven to lengthen the size of a penis other than surgery.

Penis enlargement surgery—go, go Gadget penis extender.

I read that the majority of men who have penis enlargement surgery aren’t satisfied with the results (one man in the BBC documentary had the surgery four times and was still unhappy).

Studies also show that the surgery may add a half an inch to the length of the flaccid penis while not adding any length to the erect penis.

According to the Mayo Clinic, most men who want the surgery are within a normal penis length range. In addition, studies prove that even men with micro-penises—medically defined as a penis less than three inches when erect—are completely capable of enjoying a fulfilling sex life and having children.

According to the American Urolological Association the techniques and procedures used in penile enlargement surgery have not been proven through research studies to be completely effective or even safe. The long-term side effects are unknown.

The price of the surgery ranges between 3,000 USD and 10,000 USD.

Alternatively, one could also consider getting physically fit, doing a bit of pubic maintenance and getting rid of the ol’ beer belly. A counsellor and/or some self-acceptance practice could also do the trick.

What do women really want (and expect)?

Here’s a little survey I did with 10 random females ages 25-45:

1. I don’t care if my partner has a small penis. I’d be more worried about a large penis—and, it’s more about how they work it and how they make me feel.


2. I have been with men with what you’d say a ‘smaller’ situation and they were better in bed than men with larger ‘situations’.


3. Do you mean as it pertains to a relationship or to just having sex? I feel that the answer could be yes it can matter, if it has just to do with sex.


4. If someone wanted to spend their life with someone, I think the size of their penis would be one of the least important things to consider.


5. It’s quality over quantity my friend.


6. If a guy washes himself and keeps it clean, I don’t care.


7. I tend to prefer tongue techniques to penis techniques.


8. If a guy is passionate, I don’t care about the size of a penis.


9. We could always use toys.


10. I think if two people can feel OK with their bodies, there’s a lot of creative and fun things that could happen despite the size of any body part.

So, does size really matter?

At the end of the day, I don’t believe anyone should answer this question. We do enough damage judging each other with unrealistic sets of beauty standards set by the superficial, synthetic beauty world that we all in one way or another seem to be addicted to.

Think about it, if these sources told you that you were perfect, they’d be left with nothing to do (and without a lot of your money).

Penises come in many ranges, sizes, bends, lengths, colours, wrinkles—and they’re all normal.

There is a hell of a lot more that goes into a person than the size of their anything. Instead of reaching a level of perfection set by anyone else, let’s gauge perfection by what we have.



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