Anthropological Blue: The Overanalyzing Habit.


When we are in those moments embodying how people should behave in the ideal world, in our very own utopia, when we are giving to one another, when we are caring for each other, when we are being considerate, and best of all, when we are happy and jolly and laughing like brothers and sisters, can we stop ourselves from being suspiciously bothered by it as if it were a primitive experience that needed some anthropological eye?

Instead, I wish we could ask: why is this experience an occasional one?

Why is it not a daily experience — a way of life? What part of the psyche goes, “Fake! Fake! Fake!”? Why are we rejecting this possibility that with the switch of a decision, we can come into a gathering and say, “I am going to have fun here by treating everyone to a good time!”?

If you think about it, it is constantly a human gathering! We are in a constant party, interacting with one another. We can make that decision to smile, act stupid drunk, unmindful of others, or add life to the party, and bring the warm fuzzy feelings everyone will remember when they walk away.

Two months before I turned 16, I was at the EDSA Revolution, February 1986.

About a million people lined the main highway to become human shields protecting the mutiny against the dictator who had sent his armies to crush the rebellion. We were sharing food with one another, we had music playing, we were praying. I imagined it must have been the same feeling at Woodstock. We were handing flowers to the oncoming tanks and soldiers.

And then we won.

That is when the hard work of creating a new society came in. We tried to design it by rehashing our institutions to become more democratic, less corrupt, more transparent. And human relations started to crumble. The feeling of Camelot was gone. Our leaders were against each other. Seven coup d’états launched against the president they themselves installed. Fortunately, she was well supported by the people and she was never toppled.

But the way of life of peaceful, happy, loving EDSA, that lasted 3 days, has been forgotten.

We have deconstructed it too much and relegated it to a phenomenon, almost embarrassed by its being close to manifestations of hysteria. It is like the thinkers vs the feelers, sometimes.

When in moments of love and joy rights are respected, human development is aimed for, everything is consensual and no one overanalyzes or overthinks or over-anthropologizes it, world peace is possible!

If you think about it, feelers are more prominent church leaders. Thinkers have flocked to government.

“The labels ‘Thinker’ and ‘Feeler’ are not descriptive of what those people do. Thinkers are not smarter than Feelers, nor are Feelers more sensitive. Thinkers have feelings, and Feelers are able to reason logically. The fundamental difference is the values they hold in highest esteem: Thinkers give priority to Truth and Justice; Feelers give priority to Relationships and affirmation. That’s the only difference, and it only applies when truth and affirmation are at odds, which tends to be more often than some people would like to admit. I would consider the labels unfortunate, except that any labels would soon develop the same or similar problems.” ~ John Gray

Let us live in peace, love and joy!

Let us spend more time enjoying good relationships where we are sure that they meet, and move towards the development of, all three of the following criteria: (1) Self, (2) Team, and (3) Process.

If all three are not met, then by all means talk about it. But so long as all three are met, let go!

Love! Laugh! Learn! Live!


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Tet Gallardo

Tet Gallardo

Tet Gallardo is a survivor of addiction to tragic narratives with sordid characters. She now seeks out the happy stories behind sad, droopy eyes; marvels at human endeavors; formulates quests with grandiose questions; and burnishes dulled dreams by disturbing obsolete self-concepts. She will be ordained church minister in the Unitarian Universalist (UU) faith in April 2013. She is a professional motivational speaker, leadership trainer, facilitator, and mediator. Her legendarily inexhaustible energy is fueled by awe, love, and inspiration drawn from spirited acts of kindness.
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