To Take A Lover In The Fall {poem}


To take a lover in the Fall,

When the sunlight slants golden

Is ideal.


Tumbling softly, slowly

Floating and falling with the leaves

And landing in heap.


Autumnal in hue and flavor.

Persimmon. Pomegranate. Pear.

Crimson kisses on bare limbs.


To take a lover in the Fall,

Wielding warmth ahead of Winter’s chill,

Is to slow growth. Conserve energy for Spring.


To take a lover in the Fall,

When sunlight slants golden

Is to save the trees from dying.



SR Atchley

SR Atchley

A writer, artist & dreamer, Shanna has been potentiating talent since childhood. She is moved by nature, the arts, and academia, along with the vast mysteries of our inner and outer worlds. Shanna has a BSN, and has spent the majority of her career caring for others. It is possible to share your dreams & talents with Shanna by emailing her, or connecting via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If all else fails, she’ll likely find you in a dream, in which case, please feel free to introduce yourself.
SR Atchley
SR Atchley