Biutiful Maladies: The real cost of Conventional, Chemicalized Beauty.

“People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.” ~ Mary Kay Ash

Exactly, Mary Kay. This is why, last week we created the Beauty Alchemist, a weekly, collaborative, open column in which we plan to share homemade beauty tips & tricks, (literally) natural bodycare recommendations and recreate our face and body in a more inclusive, human-friendly way.

Mostly, to defend ourselves from cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting and pro-mutant ingredients that companies like yours put on our faces, and stop being the burning motor behind our own self-destruction.

We embark on this self-made beauty revolution after the sad realization that the beauty industry has nothing to do with Beauty. “She” is not our friend, not even an ally, and by no means interested in the stories written on our skin, but in the profits that our misinformed skin and suffering health might bring to the table.

I don’t meant to ruin your day but wouldn’t you rather know?

Created by The Story of Stuff Project in collaboration with Environmental Working Group‘s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Because we believe we are the authors of our lives and powerful beyond measure, we’d like to use this most humble and democratic medium to not just protest and protect each other against cosmetic maladies, but in the same breath, offer new, cheaper, healthier, accessible and homemade alternatives to this madness.

We don’t mean to complain, but to co-create. Of course, in order to see that there’s a problem, we must first point it out.

So, would you mind an extra dose of dark humor in that equally dark coffee of yours?

After recommending four essential, truly natural and quite miraculous oils, friendly to both your outer and inner ecosystem, we’ll dive deep into cleansing, toning, makeuping and moisturizing (for when oils are not enough, we’ll show you how to make your own lotion: yummy, cheap and nourishing)—and other useful goodies.

We’ll also cover teeth, hair and the rest of your wonderland body. Step by step, we’ll get you back.

The goal is not to stop beautifying ourselves or hide our beauty, but the very opposite: take that beauty in our own hands and magnify it through the very things that give it life. You know, put the You back in Your Face.

Just like our food, the products we apply to our body should resemble and contain the same basic living elements our skin is made of, so the solution does not turn into a second problem, but helps alleviate the first.


As a short reply to the inquiries we received about sunscreen during the week, we’ll cover this in full in a next Beauty Alchemist episode. It appears that most people are confused about how much, how often or what “natural” brands to use. Meanwhile, here is an interesting preview via

 >> 84% of sunscreen products are harmful to health, says alarming EWG study.

 >> 7 surprising things you’re not supposed to know about sunlight & sunlight exposure. 

>>Study: Many sunscreens increase skin cancer risk, FDA has known for a decade but done nothing.


 Want to join the homemade-handmade beauty revolution? Don’t keep your wisdom and beauty to yourself. Send us your natural bodycare recipe, suggestion or article to 


Got any questions or concerns to be expounded in a future article? Email us or drop them in the comments. 

*Coming next: How to escape the soap and cleansing bubble. 




Less Maladies, More You: 

>> Your ugly vagina is normal & gorgeous.

>> The perfect imperfect penis.

>> If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.



 {P.S. You are biutiful.}



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Andrea Balt
Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Rebelle Society, Wellness Alchemist at Rebelle Wellness & Professional Dream Chaser at Creative Rehab. Unfinished book with a love for greens, bikes and poetry; raised by wolves & adopted by people; not trying to make art but to Be Art. Holds a BA in Journalism & Mass Communication, an MFA in Creative Writing & a Holistic Health Coach degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. In her work she tries to reflect the wholeness of the human experience by combining Art & Health + Mind & Body + Darkness & Brilliance into a more alive, unabridged and unlimited edition of ourselves. She is also on a quest to reinstate Creativity as one of our essential Human Rights to (hopefully and soon) be included in the UN Declaration. Connect with her in the Social Media Jungle via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and sign up for her FREE MuseLetter.


  • Tanya Lee Markul
    tanya lee markul commented on October 18, 2012 Reply
    This is a delicious + gorgeous series! Loving them top to bottom!
    • Andrea Balt
      Andrea Balt commented on October 20, 2012 Reply
      This series is edible. “If you can’t eat it, don’t read it.” :)
  • Angela Leone commented on October 26, 2012 Reply
    YES! I have so much to say about this. Droppin’ all that edible knowledge ~”If you can’t eat it, don’t read it.” <3 Andrea
  • Michael Beck commented on December 16, 2012 Reply
    …”Yes, but it’s SO SMOOTH!”

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