If I Still Wrote. {poetry}


The footsteps have faded into the crowd and throngs,

The voices faint, I don’t hear them anymore.

But if I still wrote love, on the pangs of waiting, you’d speak again.

Sleep, wakefulness, silence — no matter — will be deafeningly alive,

Of a hand held, of songs raw to this heart.


That was then. I am here, not where the weak in all of us relent

To substitutes and void-filling. To settling and tolerating.

Here, where alone and sad have ceased to mean the same.

Where fields of bloom are ablaze… with now.

Holding my breath no more, for gains and dreams of tomorrow.

Here, where life is as it is and should be.

If I still wrote love songs, they would be about comfort.

About reveling in the majestic moment of being who I need to be, and who I’m born to be.

If I still wrote…


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Ruby Bernardo

Ruby Bernardo

Yoga Instructor at Steve Nash
Ruby Bernardo is forever a study in contradiction. An incorrigible optimist, terrified of everything, but she does them anyway. She balances the ethereal and poetic with wealth management consulting and real estate. A workaholic and a decompression junkie, Ruby is a voracious reader but has a ton of books waiting to be read. She stands her ground but surrenders to anything that moves her. She has this deep well of soul-gnawing anguish to write but blames pragmatism for not letting it all out. According to Ruby, “We live but once, no repeats or reruns, so savor and fill each and every waking moment with splendid memories. Happiness is all but a choice, going back in time isn’t.” She lives both in Davao City (Philippines) and Vancouver (Canada). She is a part-time professor of Marketing Management at the Ateneo School of Business and Governance (MBA), entrepreneur (Real Estate investment and development), Licensed Realtor, Marketing and Business Consultant, and a ramp and print ad model on and off since 1989. Ruby got her MBA from the Asian Institute of Management, and is a Yoga practitioner who is currently working to get a Yoga Alliance certification.
Ruby Bernardo
Ruby Bernardo
Ruby Bernardo

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