All or Nothing at All.

{17-year-old Bianca Passarge of Hamburg dresses up as a cat and dances on wine bottles in June, 1958. Her performance was based on a dream. She practiced for eight hours a day to do this.}

{17-year-old Bianca Passarge of Hamburg dresses up as a cat and dances on wine bottles in June, 1958. Her performance was based on a dream. She practiced for eight hours a day to do this.}


Consider this: The one reason you either dread or are delirious with excitement about waking up most mornings, is work.

And yes, motherhood, fatherhood (or whoever opts to stay home to tend to the kids) is a vocation, full-time job and, preoccupation too!

It’s such a huge component of daily living, that the only way to be really happy with yourself is to know, in your heart of hearts that you adore — completely and to the point of delightful depletion — what you do.

If you’ve searched high and low and have yet to find that one true beckoning, pause a moment — heck, even a year if you can afford it — and examine those miserable hours punching clocks or celebrating every second of every assignment on hand.

Don’t let up, life’s lived from one moment to the next. Do not settle.

As in landing a dream job, nothing can be truer when it comes to matters of the heart; when it arrives, you just know, when you find yourself in the throes of passionate existence. The sky is bluer, the air sweeter, songs more melodious.

Case in point, when the longest married couple in the UK — Karam, 107, and Katari, 100, who’s been in wedded enchantment  for 87 years, surpassing the previous Guinness Book of World Record holders by five years and counting — were asked what it is about the other that made them declare commitment, they said they just knew. “This is it! I found it.” 

And of course because they like and love being married, they’ll do everything they can to make it work, curve balls, left field uproars, snide remarks, uncapped toothpaste tubes, raising children, for richer or (for) poorer notwithstanding. And as with any satisfying, wonderful relationship it can only get better, with time.

So if you’re in a preoccupation that just doesn’t fill you up, and drains and dulls your senses rather than blissfully exhaust you, then you’re better — best, even — to not do anything.

Unless you’ve taken on piles of mortgages and have broken the bank that is paying for all the fun you’ve had — but even then, it would be a transgression to number one and everyone around you, to tolerate a job that doesn’t give you delicious anticipation in the mornings.

It may be an excruciatingly arduous mission to finally discover what you love, where your passions lie, your soul takes flight and your heart beats in harmony with who you are. It  will take a lot of experimenting and mistakes but it’ll be all worth it.

Just ask those who’ve gone through the worst of times and found it — job, relationship, calling, or anything that requires longevity — nothing beats coming home and being relentlessly smitten. As nothing trumps doing something as simple as frying an egg, to taking off for the moon, as for yes, true love.

You need to be on fire, consumed by that which calls out to your soulful yearnings of self-actualization.

If you feel like dancing, lose yourself then, to raptures of beats and rhythm. Should you be moved, to break into song — rise, if you will — to emotions yet unexpressed. If you feel a surge of unbridled joy over life and its many moments, surrender to it, in bliss and utter euphoria. And, if you would shine, from inside out, why then, burn!


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Ruby Bernardo

Ruby Bernardo

Yoga Instructor at Steve Nash
Ruby Bernardo is forever a study in contradiction. An incorrigible optimist, terrified of everything, but she does them anyway. She balances the ethereal and poetic with wealth management consulting and real estate. A workaholic and a decompression junkie, Ruby is a voracious reader but has a ton of books waiting to be read. She stands her ground but surrenders to anything that moves her. She has this deep well of soul-gnawing anguish to write but blames pragmatism for not letting it all out. According to Ruby, “We live but once, no repeats or reruns, so savor and fill each and every waking moment with splendid memories. Happiness is all but a choice, going back in time isn’t.” She lives both in Davao City (Philippines) and Vancouver (Canada). She is a part-time professor of Marketing Management at the Ateneo School of Business and Governance (MBA), entrepreneur (Real Estate investment and development), Licensed Realtor, Marketing and Business Consultant, and a ramp and print ad model on and off since 1989. Ruby got her MBA from the Asian Institute of Management, and is a Yoga practitioner who is currently working to get a Yoga Alliance certification.
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