Impatiently Alive.


I’ve always been impatient.

I like getting things done. I like to make things happen. I get excited about a project and won’t stop until I complete it. If my soul is stirred by a great workshop theme, I just offer it to the world and teach it, make money and feel tremendous satisfaction from it.

Last week, I was walking to the store with my bags in hand, walking a bit too fast, seemingly rushed, eager to find my shopping list. As I rushed, I noticed an older man with a big smile on his face, whistling to himself, without a hint of busy or being rushed in his energy. He too, was walking into the store. I observed his happy demeanor and found myself in self-judgment mode. Why was I not as relaxed as him?

I know there is a lot of talk about the art of allowing. And being in my 40s, I’m getting glimpses of what that means. There is magic in putting something out there and waiting for it to happen. When it happens, the bliss from the effortless manifestation is exquisite. It was meant to be. Undeniably.

But I love my unstoppable nature.

Why, I ask myself, are you always in a mode of “getting it done” while some others seem to be coasting in life? Am I missing out on something? Those lazy days of doing nothing. The attitude of “it will get done when it does,” has never been mine, except for when I was in grade school in India when rote learning repulsed me from lessons.

I painted the hallway wall red when I could not sleep during my pregnancy with my daughter. Several months later, I self-published my first book. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time in this lifetime to accomplish all that I wish to.

Instead of apologizing for my unstoppable nature, I‘m giving myself permission to celebrate it.

I do not deny myself the gift of creativity that has been readily offered to me by the Divine. Whether I’m writing, cooking or preparing a workshop, I am riding a wonderful wave of creativity, which in itself is richly rewarding.

For those who are waiting for things to settle down or circumstances to fall into place… if you’re waiting to retire or quit your day job or for the children to grow up, stop the excuses. Get in your creative groove now. Be impatient. This kind of impatience might just save your life. 

Why? It feeds your soul. Life is about enjoying the creative, artistic side of yourself. That side of you is waiting, yearning for you to seek it. Time is finite, my friend. And creativity is where freedom lies. It gives you a feeling of being something more than this body in this lifetime and the roles you are playing.

It enriches your life, also known as “making the mundane not so bad.” You see, when your heart and soul are satisfied, you can handle all the juggling acts of worldly life. Doing what you love keeps you healthy and happy.

It connects you to a higher energy – God, Goddess, Universe, Source, whatever you wish to call it.

If you love to paint, don’t wait another day. Be impatient. Go shop for art supplies, set up your space and get going. If you have wanted to dance, take a class. Make no excuses. If you like to write, begin today.

Then watch how your energy changes and your life transforms.

You will smile more often, have a bit more joy to share with others. When you speak of life, you will have perspective.

Talk to a person who is worn out from working, doing chores, and who has not cultivated something creative and you see how quickly your energy will drain from listening to their stories. Now, talk to someone who has many responsibilities and challenges, but who is pursuing something creative and watch their enthusiasm and drive for life. It will uplift you and inspire you.

In fact, do this exercise with yourself and see what results show up.

Creativity is contagious. Without it, life drifts by, mundane, boring, same-old, never-ending chores. You choose each and everyday how you live your life. Each day, you decide which attitude you will carry with you in your experience.

The power is all within you. Claim it fully and live this beautiful life fully. Impatiently.



{Don’t wait.}



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  • Mamaste
    Mamaste commented on December 19, 2012 Reply
    <3 once again, your words sound so familiar. We must have been family, once upon a time. xoxo ~Mamaste
  • Aparna Khanolkar
    aparna commented on December 19, 2012 Reply
    oh yes we were and still are. xoxo Thank you Sharon
  • SR Atchley
    SR commented on December 20, 2012 Reply
    I could not have asked for a better message at this exact moment. Thank you, and Salud! S.
  • SR Atchley
    SR commented on December 20, 2012 Reply
    And family…yes. But of course.

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