Baby Steps into the Golden Age.

It’s been deemed the start of a new “Golden Age.”

Others claim that we are moving from the third to the fifth dimension. Some call it the “Second Coming of Christed Consciousness” or the “Convergence.” Others claim a pole shift is about to occur. Some call it the “Ascension.”

Whatever it is…when we become observant and still, we can feel that something big is happening.

For the first time in human history, two major astronomical cycles are converging. It’s the end of a 5,125 year cycle, which is called a “world age” based on the Earth’s position in orbit. It’s also the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

Simultaneously, we have come to the end of a 26,000 year cycle, which is how long it takes the Earth to move through all twelve major constellations in what is called the “precession of the equinoxes.”

With that in mind, I’d like to share some history, hypothesis and myth with you. Some of what I’m about to say is scientifically backed and some may be imagined. Take your time feeling into the information and choose only what uplifts you; remember, any context that helps you live your life more consciously or creatively is a good thing.

It’s well known that the Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. What you may not have heard is that a crystalline grid, amplified by sacred spots on the earth, has been “restored” and “activated” to the fullest just this past week on 12.12.12.

The concept of a planetary grid is not a new one. Plato theorized about it as did the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, and Hopi Indians. In a sense, the grid is the template that allows light and energy to move throughout the entire system in an accelerated way, supporting the ascension or enlightening process. The crystalline grid is picking up in frequency as the magnetic grid is lessening.

Today, December 21, 2012, the Sun and Earth have moved into alignment with Alcyone, the central sun of the Milky Way galaxy and the largest star of the Pleiades cluster.

According to scientist and researcher Gregg Braden, as a result of our new position in the cosmos, we will be passing through a toroidal shaped photon belt for the next 2,000 years—the time it takes to pass from one edge of the band to the other.


This has been referred to as the new Golden Age.

Photons, which are essentially elementary particles of light, are reaching and perhaps interacting with our sun, our earth and even us, in entirely new ways. Imagine that there is a sacred circuit that begins in the center of the Milky Way and sends pulses of high frequency energy and information to be attuned with in the following order: Milky Way-Sun-Earth-Human Heart-Brain-Cells.

Our Sun is changing in amazing ways, as is our Earth. Consider the possibility that at this time, our human bodies, heart and consciousness are also being affected by these changes.

Perspectives are expanding, bodies are detoxing and “junk” DNA is getting de-activated. Limiting beliefs, habits and patterns are becoming obvious, and with that, our relationships are shifting. We have more things to deal with in shorter intervals of time. All of this can feel a bit chaotic.



We sense that there is much going on under the surface of our reality.

As the Earth’s vibrational frequency continues to rise, it is now observable that all systems—both internal (limiting beliefs) and external (financial, educational systems)—that are not based on a higher vibration and empowered consciousness, will break down or collapse. The shock and stress of this can affect the unaware deeply. If you haven’t been going through a life crisis this year, you probably know a few people who have been dealing with their deepest fears.

What if what we are experiencing is a ‘human operating system’ upgrade?

What if December 21st signifies the dawn of a new Earth?

What if this is a major reboot for the Universe?

We now begin an entirely new 26,000 year cycle.

Out of chaos, the new world arrives.

Ask yourself, what are you aligned with?

What world are you creating?

To what heights will you ascend?


Wherever you go, go gracefully. Remember these simple steps to help you align with the universal shift:


Gratitude. The more grateful we are, the more we receive to be grateful for.

Release judgment and practice forgiveness. When we judge, we are refusing to understand. If you refuse to understand, that’s a no pass. You will learn your lesson. That’s karma.

Radical compassion. Be present to the depth, beauty and higher purpose of everyone you encounter. Be compassionate and patient with yourself and others.

Surrender. The transformation will be easier for us if we simply let go. And the choice is quite simple: suffer or sweet surrender.

Raise vibration-Play! Be like a child and be less serious. Stimulate all your senses. Be present and have fun!

Eat clean food. This means eating organic, non-GMO food whenever possible. Try juicing. Louise Hay tells us “What really runs us are the thoughts we think and the food we eat. That is the basis for health.”

Practice yoga. Stretching cleanses the lymphatic system and makes you flexible. Flexible body = flexible mind.

Breathe. He who masters the breath, masters the mind. Breathing raises our consciousness and allows us to be present and in the moment.

Be responsible for yourself. Your energy is your most precious resource. Develop boundaries. Spend less time on drama and remove energy vampires from your life.

Attune to the Earth and Sun. Lie down on the earth. Take short walks and soak in the sunshine.

Open your eyes. You’re already on your way.  


A New Old World:  

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{The time of our lives.}

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April Norris
April Norris is the founder of HypMind Training and the creator of the multi-sensory healing product, Mood-in-A-Box. A certified Hypnosis, Reiki and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Instructor, April has developed an entirely new way of training the mind that focuses on sensory stimulation, anchoring and precision communication with the subconscious mind. April’s mission is to create a peaceful army of healers and paradigm-shifters on a global scale. She works with up and coming visionaries, change-makers, and social entrepreneurs. Her passion is to create products, programs, and experiences that help you get to the root cause of your problems and get unstuck. Sign up to receive free HypMindTraining goodies at


  • analyfe commented on December 21, 2012 Reply
    This is brilliantly written and very thought-provoking. Great topic and great insights–I’ll definitely be revisiting this one.
  • Tanya Lee Markul
    tanya lee markul commented on December 24, 2012 Reply
    Interesting! More please! :-) xoxo
  • April Norris commented on December 25, 2012 Reply
    Thank you for reading! Blessings and Happy Holidays:)
  • Pelican Finn commented on December 27, 2012 Reply
    Thank You, I have found answers reading your article and ahha moments. You also remained me that I am not alone in this moment of awakening. More articles would be very welcome!

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