Compassion 101.


I have been sitting for quite a while with the meaning of compassion.

Often as I contemplate, my thoughts revolve around food and health. I continually come back to compassion and eating. Specifically eating animals. Can we truly be compassionate as humans and consume animals as a food source?

I believe we can. I choose to eat animals. I choose to eat only certain ones. I choose not to eat cows or pigs. I do choose to eat chicken and fish. I will not eat an animal that is raised in a factory farm. I do not eat animals or fish from China or Vietnam. I am more likely to eat a rabbit or a lamb because I can meet the farmer and know what it was fed, how it was raised, and how it was slaughtered. Having a choice is the biggest component for me. I find myself eating fewer animals or foods containing animals because they do not appeal to me.

However, when I do choose to eat animals, I make sure it is sourced thoughtfully, sustainably, humanely.

When I buy “meat” I get it as close to the original source as I can. Frequently that involves my local Farmer’s Market. When I go to a store, I ask many questions to find out if the food meets my standards for purchase. I believe we can be compassionate and be omnivores and carnivores. It takes thoughtfulness, mindfulness, and awareness. Asking questions of the farmer or the store, even if it is a big chain store, is our right as consumers.

Asking questions like where does this animal come from? What was it fed? Was it organic feed, Is it considered an organic animal? What was the environment it was raised in? Was it treated and slaughtered humanely?

If any of the answers do not meet your personal integrity, just say no, do not buy it. When we follow through with honoring ourselves and what we believe to be right and true we send a message to the people we do business with.

Compassion is another form of mindfulness. When we bring attention to what we most care about, we bring compassion to it. When we choose to eat with compassion we bring mindfulness to how we choose and shop for our food.

Your heart is at the center of every food choice.

When this is how we live, we are connected to the true meaning of being human and the true essence of being compassionate. When we choose with mindfulness and from our hearts we are living compassion. Each choice we make brings us back to ourselves. As we make food and life choices from the deepest confines of who we are, we follow our individual path of compassion, not only for the animal but for ourselves.

As you make these choices  you may find that fewer of them involve animals, or GMO’s, or corporate greed. This is where the change is made. This is where transformation happens. This is the true meaning of compassion!


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Melissa Rubin
Melissa Rubin is a creative, passionate, free spirit who loves to share what she has learned about food and health. She is very passionate about Food, Wellness and Transformation. When she is not in the kitchen modifying any recipe she can get her hands on, she is at her local Farmer’s Market smelling all the produce and talking with the farmers and people. Melissa has helped many people change their diets due to intestinal issues, food sensitivities, or just to have a better quality of life. Melissa loves to share what she has learned from being a Holistic Health Practitioner, Colon Hydro-Therapist, Culinary School Graduate, Mom and a person who has healed from digestive issues herself. Melissa takes into account many factors when looking at food issues. Her Spirituality has been a big part in her awareness and her growth. You can find her here.


  • Todd commented on December 23, 2012 Reply
    This is great, head and shoulders above normal mindless eating. But I think it’s only the first step to truly compassionate food consumption. Personally, I feel we as a species have evolved past the need to slaughter and eat other animals. With all the food choices we have as a “civilized” society, killing and eating other animals is no longer needed for nutrition. I’m not trying to sound self-righteous here at all. I truly respect all ideas about food, even if I don’t agree.
  • Tet Gallardo commented on December 24, 2012 Reply
    Conscientious people spell the future of the world! :)

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