Sex, guys and plastic dolls.

Inspired by Guys and Dolls (BBC Real Doll Documentary).

“The biggest problem my father has with my relationships is that (my partner) is not alive—she’s not a real human being.”

A tailor-made partner providing love that real flesh and blood cannot.

Being alone versus being lonely—have you experienced the difference? It can seem at times quite difficult to find a mate, perhaps even impossible, but what lengths are you willing to go to attain an element of ‘company’?

For about 5-6,000 USD, one can purchase an alternative, custom-made partner, a human-size female doll, and, according to the men in this documentary, they’re worth every penny.

The dolls come in different shapes, sizes, colours and some even have the option of having their pubic hair come from Sweden. All of which are well endowed with female features, such as high cheekbones, make-up, breasts and a vagina, but because they are more Barbie-like and well, plastic, they aren’t really a representation of the average organic female body.

“I’d never be able to get a real woman that would look like this but the real doll can give me that.” 

The real unattainable versus the unreal attainable.

The men in this documentary seemed to have chosen a relationship with dolls as a result of either numerous failed relationship attempts and the fear of failing if tried again; abandonment and/or a traumatic experience, for example, the death of a loved one; a twisted self-perception; being socially inept from birth; a sex addiction; or the horrific anticipation of being left ‘lonely’, hence a long-term doll option versus a temporary or one-night stand scenario.

The food bills are way cheaper.

No lies, no deceit and no talking. Perhaps there’s something about the element of control when having a relationship with a doll—you get to control the outcome, the experience and the fact that they can’t ever leave.

These men literally live in their own worlds, they do what they have to do for work, for money, but when they come home to the walls of their own homes, they do exactly what they want to do, with their dolls that is—who will always be home waiting for them and ‘love’ their men no matter what.

A key ingredient the dolls provide is: emotional (and sexual) stability.

“As good as the sex is with them, the piece of mind is better.”

So for some, I suppose money can buy love, or at least a synthetic replacement, but is it wrong? Live and let live or re-examine why someone in our society should not feel accepted? Who’s responsible for the lonely and insulated?

“There are worse things in life than living with dolls, like living alone.”

I’ve surveyed 10 random people to get their opinions:

1. I don’t feel like I want to judge them. I really don’t know.

2. Maybe it’s preventing them from meeting a real person or maybe it’s making their life better.

3. I don’t think it’s wrong to have a doll girlfriend, but it’s obvious there’s a problem that’s not being dealt with.

4. Perhaps this is taking sex toys to a whole new level?!

5. Maybe it’s population control—which is a weird thought in itself.

6. I want to be as compassionate as possible, but I’m not really sure how that articulates.

7. Maybe it’s preventing them from acting out more dangerous or ridiculous things.

8. Wow—human proclivities can take on many different forms! I don’t know what to say!

9. It seems innocent, but a little fascinating, sad and creepy.

10. It would be interesting to find out how these neural-pathways were created and if there is a level of delusion or intuition involved.

Share your opinion in the comments. 

A real-life doll heaven: Britty, Lexi, Wendy, Sandy, Misty, Christy and Jazzy.

Sure, it might all start with sex, but it’s pretty obvious that we all aren’t having sex to reproduce…either companionship or sex-partner, the dolls represent some kind of fulfilment in these men’s lives…

What do you think? 


 {What’s wrong with me? I’m real.}


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