a sweet list of 21 christmas ‘would-haves’.

Ever feel that the good ideas come after the opportunity has presented itself?

Well, perhaps the opportunity wasn’t lost, but the motivation to dig a little deeper gained—even if it doesn’t manifest for a day or two or three. You might know these little regrets: I should have said this, I should have said that, I should have done it that way, I should have asked for this or that and something else.

But missing the moment doesn’t really matter… what matters is that something triggered a deeper sense of thought however creative, intuitive, meaningful or existentially directive.

Chemistry and timing are tricky devices, but they’re always working in our favor. At least I like to believe it is so. In other words, everything is as it should be and the universe is conspiring with us and not against us.

Could this pertain to something as trivial as a Christmas Wish list? Sure it could. It is Christmas after all. And, although I’m not into buying a lot of unnecessary this and that, if someone were to ask me, “what are the things you would have put on your Christmas list?”, well, here they are…

A little list of Christmas ‘would haves':

1. A box of kittens.

2. A life-size storm trooper.

3. A 365-day vacation.

4. An endless supply of hugs.

5. A bubble bath with Noam Chomsky (no sexy stuff—pure foreign policy).

6. Lessons to learn the entire Thriller dance sequence.

7. Tom Waits to read me a bedtime series, starting with H.C. Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling”.

8. The James Bond theme song to spontaneously begin every time I hop on my bike (stereo in the clouds type of thing).

9. An invitation from a friend to make a documentary film of their life (including a one-way ticket to Hawaii).

10. A judgment-free ticket to get that mohawk I’ve been dreaming of since the 80’s and 90’s.

11. A sleepover in the world’s oldest and biggest library.

12. An entire rainy day spent in a forest—alone with my camera.

13. A year of no inescapable situations a.k.a. no time wasted.

14. To backpack across an entire continent with a handful of amazing compadres.

15. To not be afraid of the gigantic, mysterious, mothering ocean so that I can dip in more than just my tip toes.

16. A jar of sparkly forgiveness dust concocted by a dozen dreamy fairies to use on myself and others on request.

17. The skeleton key that opens the treasure chest containing creativity beyond my conscious imagination.

18. Freedom for all—without rules because they wouldn’t be necessary with mindful hearts full of compassion.

19. No more violence—for all earthlings, including branches, paws, dorsal fins and everything in between.

20. Truth—to know it, to speak it and to feel it.

21. Heaven on Earth.

What’s on your ‘would have’ list?



 {Wishes without boundaries.}


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