Shame. {Poetry}



I was hurt

And from the wound

Flowed not blood

But clenched fists of vitriol

You stood there

Punch drunk

Accepting the heavy blows

Waiting for more

All you shed

Was a solitary teardrop

Your feminine dignity ascendant

While mine laid low

In a pool of shame

 {Tear drop.}

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Javed Hassan

Javed Hassan

Javed has been an investment banker for the last 20 years. He believes pain and joy walk arm in arm. All things are immensely beautiful if seen not only from the eyes but also through the acute lens of the heart. It is with spirit he has traveled and worked across the continents rejoicing in the beauty of different people and places. He has woven his vision through his interests which include yoga, writing, and cooking.
Javed Hassan

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