I am not. {Poetry}

I am not.


There again.


The palace we inhabit.

Without ourselves.


We loose ourselves in order to see

how it is without.



These are the spots,

the places,

the times,

when we truly find our non existent selves.


The nothing ness resides in our solitude.

For there we begin to see.

To feel.

To fall.


Into the emptiness.

Which is everything. Form. Feeling.




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SR Atchley

SR Atchley

SR Atchley is a conglomeration of stardust and karmic evolution. She is a continuing student at the Institute for Higher Learning at State: Life, and imagines herself as one of many rotating chancellors at the University of Worldwide Acceptance and Love. She believes in the powers of goodness and light, and does her best to share these with others through writing, living out loud, and loving deeply. You can connect with SR on Facebook and Twitter. She also loves music, and listens occasionally on SoundCloud.
SR Atchley

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