If envy is green. {Poetry}

If envy is green
Then what color is jealousy?


Jealousy is purple,

A dark blooded, foreboding purple,

A potion brewed and fought over.

Suspicion, a dullish brown,

Growing dirtier as time flows,

Anger is black, not red.

Anger walks beside me on its four legs,

Snarling, rabid mouth,

Seeking to bite and tear,

To break and rip apart,

What tapestry, a lifetime has put together,

An orgy of frenzy.

Despair has no colour,

No life,

No Hue,

No sight of anything better,

A tight holding on to the meagerest crumb,

Fear screams yellow, as sirens descend and panic strikes,

Run to the right, run to the right

Try and hide, try and hide,

Lust is black; anger’s friend?

A black dwelling of pin-point intensity,

A dry mouthed thirst, never quenched.

Pain, a suspended white that,

Waiting, waiting, waiting,

Strikes with venom flowing.

There is it is now!

No off switch, to save the day.

No off switch at all.


Friendliness? Happiness? Love?

Friendliness is a lime green,

Happiness, transparent, clear, bubbling water,

Flows of the freshest spring

Love, today, is blue,

Clear blue, crystal sky blue

Purest blue of hope and morning

Of clarity and sweetness.


I, like Joseph, son of Jacob,

Wear my coat of many colours,

Though no need my brothers,

To smear me with blood,

To fake my death.

{More Colors.}

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John McAndrew

John McAndrew

John’s favorite sustenance is love, adventure, self-knowledge, openness, playfulness and ability, all taken together — shaken, not stirred — with nature and a clear sweet stream of simplicity. Connect with John on Facebook.
John McAndrew

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