I Wonder About You. {poetry}


I wonder about you,
The sway of your mind
The tips of your spine on both ends
And everything that makes them dance
I wonder, could you be any more
Than this brave, caring, loving, kind
Do you burn for me in the middle of the night?
Or during your day, wonder as I sleep
I dream of your stories…
The art and stripes that make them wind
How fear might play about you
And how it’s losing at every turn…
I wonder if you never forget
How my fingers find your hand
When I live in a different time and plane
How I breathe the memory of your scent
I wonder how I live with this joy
I steep like tea in a well of toil
You being there gives me all this love
Something I always try to deserve.


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Tet Gallardo

Tet Gallardo

Tet Gallardo is a survivor of addiction to tragic narratives with sordid characters. She now seeks out the happy stories behind sad, droopy eyes; marvels at human endeavors; formulates quests with grandiose questions; and burnishes dulled dreams by disturbing obsolete self-concepts. She will be ordained church minister in the Unitarian Universalist (UU) faith in April 2013. She is a professional motivational speaker, leadership trainer, facilitator, and mediator. Her legendarily inexhaustible energy is fueled by awe, love, and inspiration drawn from spirited acts of kindness.
Tet Gallardo

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