11 Tips for Tapping Into Your Psychic Abilities.

Photo: Google Images.

Photo: Google Images.

Abra-abra-cadabra—I want to reach out and grab ya.

Godfrey Devereux says something like this: the mind is always talking. It is incessantly engaging in dialogue because it is constantly seeking truth. When it hears it, connects and feels it, the truth that is, it shuts up.

I imagine this would feel like the mind releasing a massive exhale. Ahhhhhh, at last, a breather. The truth shuts us up. Can we handle the truth? Perhaps, but we all know it’s a strings cutter, an unfinished business cleaner upper and it’s a wing sprouter.

We often blind ourselves with convenient false beliefs that bottleneck our intuition, gut instincts and our psychic abilities. Our programming has taught us to be fearful of our abilities, to be overly paranoid and worrisome — our initial reaction to uncomfortable and unknown situations being anger.

In reality, the truth dismantles false flocks and turns over rocks. It reminds us that we are not sheep and that, although we are similar in so many ways, there is only one story you can truly tell — and that is yours.

The fact of the matter is, the truth has magical qualities. It sets us free on so many levels and planes. But we are not always able to grasp it, nor are we always consciously seeking it. This is where our psychic abilities come in handy — our talents for deciphering the truth in the present moment, where it is seemingly out of reach.


Here are 11 ways to tap into your psychic self.

Note: broom, wand, magic carpet, scarf and cape are optional (or totally necessary).  

#1 Before you say accept your values, ask yourself, “Are they my own?” Values can hold us prisoner within ourselves, if they are not in tune with our true beliefs. If we try to adapt to the values of others, it suppressed our intuitive abilities and we stop honing our aptitude for thinking freely.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

#2 Use your cognitive abilities. No shit, Sherlock. Learn from the master of cognitive thinking. Playfully and objectively predict the future by using your powers of perception—your ability to gather facts and convert them into prediction of the short-term future, but don’t mistake it for cetainty for the unexpected is always a possibility. Hone your skills and they might become second nature.

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know why or how.” – Albert Einstein

#3 Are you not connecting fully with your senses? Are you only using your eyes or perhaps you’re using only your ears? Perhaps you’re just listening to the banter between them! If you are listening to or engaged in any experience, try to feel it with all the senses. What is your body telling you beyond the dialogue of the mind? What does scent tell you beyond what has previously been deemed a categorical smell? Can you see with your eyes and not just with your mind?

“Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention.” – Deepak Chopra

Photo: Steve Jobs.

Photo: Google Images.

#4 Meditate. Meditation encourages us to soften the voice of our analytical, everyday-thinking-brain and tap into our intuitive, creative, subconscious mind. It invites us to access information on a deeper level. Over-analyzing can build blockages, traps and more often than not can lead to limited cyclical thought processes.

“Our bodies have five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing. But not to be overlooked are the senses of our souls: intuition, peace, foresight, trust, empathy. The differences between people lie in their use of these senses; most people don’t know anything about the inner senses while a few people rely on them just as they rely on their physical senses, and in fact probably even more.” .  C. JoyBell C.

#5 Listen.

 ”Before you speak, it is necessary for you to listen, for God speaks in the silence of the heart.” – Mother Teresa

#6. Don’t be skerrrrd and absorb only what is nourishing. We often ignore the little voice that is constantly providing guidance. We fear what it has to say. Listening to it might create a need to conjure up the bravery for confrontation or leave us with guilt for not doing so. This voice can be awakened by your own mind or by your surroundings, but it is your voice in either case. You have the ability to listen objectively and to absorb compassionately. Use your force field of love to protect yourself from negativity.

“To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn’t afraid of facing challenges.” – Paulo Coelho

Photo: Google Images.

Photo: Google Images.

#7 Can you see yourself in the person across from you? Are you able to see your life experiences and emotions in others? Is there, even if you don’t want to admit it, a common denominator that links you to those around you? Apply the human-level in every encounter—perhaps every situation is a mirror reflecting you and your inner most wisdom and intuition. We are constantly conveying life’s healing elixirs to one another in a variety of verbal, non-verbal, creative, dramatic and yes, even confusing and awful ways.

“Everything I have to say has already crossed your mind.” – Arthur Conan Doyle, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

#8 Are you able to imagine yourself in the situation of others? Imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes helps you understand their actions and in turn can put you into a position of perceptive knowingness. This places you in a position to better predict the actions of others providing a pathway for clear and positive action on your part.

“The truth about life and lie about life is not measured by others but by your intuition, which never lies.”  – Santosh Kalwar

#9 Trust life—like your life depends on it. Trust your gut, trust your instincts. Your life could depend on it. Learning to trust yourself, your innate wisdom, that little voice, helps to keep us from danger and uncomfortable situations. It also guides us into the most favorable chambers of our heart’s deepest desires.

“Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why.” – Sylvia Clare

Google Images.

Google Images.

#10 Release the resistance. Relax into the space that you are in and the energy around you. Breathe, inhale fully and exhale completely. Allow the vital organs and the muscles of your body to relax. Allow the intelligence of the body to come to surface without it first having to try to find its way through excess and unnecessary tension.

 “At times you have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” – Alan Alda

# 11 Stay grounded. When tapping in, maintain the ability to stay earth-side and connected. Staying grounded is helpful for maintaining integrity. It will also help you to clear unwanted energy, keep you from getting distracted and will allow you to more comfortably connect deeper with the intuitive voice calling from your belly.

Go beyond surface-level programming and dig into the perceptive knowingness of your innate psychic abilities.

What’s in your bag of tricks?



 {Make the ordinary extraordinary.}


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    Awesome, T!
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    SR commented on May 14, 2013 Reply
    Love love love this! Thanks, T!
  • Sheila Jaillet
    Sheila Jaillet commented on May 14, 2013 Reply
    A magic making list, all wonderful reminders. Thank you!
  • Mamaste
    Mamaste commented on May 16, 2013 Reply
    I knew I had it at 14. It took a while to refine the skills. Next up, The Psychic Hotline. lol ~Mamaste
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    Carolyn Riker commented on May 17, 2013 Reply
    It’s there and keeps getting stronger. Love this!
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    Valerie C. Gangas commented on July 25, 2013 Reply
    Totally awesome. I love this!!
  • Margarita Mejias commented on July 27, 2013 Reply
    I wish to explore my inner mind, I need a new path.
  • Maolee commented on January 3, 2014 Reply
    Im still confuse . I dont want this gift. Its a burdensome.
  • Brock commented on March 29, 2014 Reply
    This article is amazing, It has shed some light on many things that Im always able to feel, but sometimes struggle to connect the dots to progress it into a skill. Even besides my own ability of it, this stuff has always fascinated me and reading this was the bomb diggity
  • Blacksheep commented on April 22, 2014 Reply
    Madlee, your gift is burdensome? I’d love to have your gift! It’s burdensome to you because you haven’t learned how to handle and use it to the betterment of others or yourself. Get up and wade right on out there and learn how to use your gift. It’s no different than learning to play the piano, it just takes practice, like everything else is life. Good luck to you and God speed!
  • melody commented on May 20, 2014 Reply
    Ill read ur future for free
    • melody commented on May 20, 2014 Reply
    • Ashley commented on June 19, 2014 Reply
      May u read my… cuz I feel like I need help
    • Jennifer Bocelli commented on May 7, 2015 Reply
      Hi, my name is Jennifer, and since i was young, I’ve felt I have some typed psychic abilities..empathy and otherwise. Would you be willinformation to read my future/present life setting and tell me if this is really what I’m feeling? Also what I can do to further it if I am correct in my feelings? Thank you! My email is jennbocelli2015agmail.com also, I’m willing to go as far as my phone number… I’m that serious! 502-529-1227. I also have text available. Please respond!!!
    • ChikoMontez commented on June 11, 2015 Reply
  • Matthew commented on July 23, 2014 Reply
    maolee i feel ya im tired of this gift myself i hear voices i learn new things without knowing i have premonitions i even hear music everything is outside myself sorta speak but i gotta live with this started at age 26 ironically thats when the mind is fully matured
  • mrsparkleclean commented on October 21, 2014 Reply
    Wow I am loving all of the new found knowledge, I would like to say i’m a beginner, but i’m not i’ve just been blinded by what’s real and what NOT. I am going to exercise my gift and i WILL succeed xx thanks
  • georgio commented on November 18, 2014 Reply
    Tanya,….Why are you doing the six six six sign in your picture?
  • Jade commented on March 25, 2015 Reply
    A few years back I was walking home and a guy said hello to me and smiled, it wasn’t anything out of line or to worry about he walked straight past me and continued in a complete different direction , I was alone walking and I had a voice in my head saying this guy was following me , but there was no one in sight , I kept checking around a mile of my walk and I have to cross an estate where the houses have been knocked down and there was bare ground for meters around me , and I still checked behind meat this point I started panicing but there was no one there and I walk about 50 feet and the same guy who said hello to me came out of no where and grabbed hold of me , luckily I knew it was going to happen so I didn’t freeze I already thought about what I was going to do befor it even happened befor anything happened … This article has helped me realise how I knew and what gift I have it all makes sense now along side other daft things that have happened that I couldn’t explain I knew where going to …
  • Anita commented on June 10, 2015 Reply
    I think I may have some ability I don’t see things but hear them feel their emotions. I’m afraid because I sometimes get very angry or sad and lonely for no reason at all and it just all of a sudden stops! This leaves me feeling drained and framed out. also I feel energy and emotions when I go to certain places. People often come to me and tell me all of their problems and say thank you sad walk away feeling better leaving me feeling like a emotional dumping ground. I need help if anyone could please help I would appreciate it
    • Ariana commented on July 20, 2015 Reply
      That’s being an empath! I just discovered I was when I had a reading done, and I’m trying to hone in om this ability stop supressing it. Focus on your solar plexus chakra, and make a shield from negative energy
  • Clancy commented on July 13, 2015 Reply
    Thank you for this . I shall study it in detail now, 11 tips that i cant deny after 52 years on our planet, bless you.
  • Heather commented on July 14, 2015 Reply
    I have had some sort of gift since age 5. I’ve seen a few things before it happened, dream deaths, have bad feelings when something’s wrong but idk how or where to start. The article is a little confusing. I want to learn. I’ve been called a seer and also have channeled but I am very serious about learning what has gone on with me all of my life n how to use it better.
  • Ariana commented on July 20, 2015 Reply
    I just discovered that I’m an empath. I had a reading done, and she was so accurate and told me that I’ve had empathic abilities that I’ve been supressing. That’s why I feel to much or nothing at all, and lately I’ve been feeling like I’m going crazy, and I guess it was because I’ve been supressing this gift. I feel to much or nothing at all, if anyone has any tips on how to no longer supress this ability it would be much appreciated, I’m new to all this and still learning.

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