Island. {poetry}

Photo: Google Images.

Photo: Google Images.

By Soviesky Pujols.

I am delicious fruit,

sweet coconut milk,

beloved books,

favorite music.




I am a desert island,

landscape of bruises and wonders.


lie by the sweet pink of my flesh,

ready to devour or be devoured,

waiting for you to sink or swim.

Sink and swim.

I’ll help you feed desire with my burgundy rose lips,

dark red, como la sangre,

firmly pressed tight

against light copper flesh.

I’ll wear something sheer or lace,

black or red to explore the limits the body can reach.

We’ll form roman arches.

Experiment with concave and convex shapes.



Yes, here on my neck.

I can barely breathe.

I’ll clench my fist.

Whisper your name, so that I don’t forget.

I am a desert island and am very likely to forget.

You’ll tremble when you think of me.

I tremble when I think of you.

I am your Helen of Troy.


listen to the waves,

feel their velocity, their ferocity.

Violent yet calm, cold and then warm.

Inside me you’ll find ruin, pleasure and delirium.

I am a desert island,

where innocence becomes a useless relic.


sovi pic smSoviesky Pujols was born in the Dominican Republic. She is a writer of fiction and poetry.  Colonialism, loneliness and fragmented memory are recurrent subjects in her work.  Pujols lives in New Jersey and is working on her first novel. You can reach Sovi at



{Devour me}


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