Set Me On Fire. {poetry}




By Sarah Voldeng.

Infuse me with your potion,
Radiate my world;
Set me in motion,
Watch me as I twirl.

Set me on fire,
Infuse me with your flame;
Penetrate my heat,
Drive me insane.

Come to me so softly,
Wipe away my tears;
Tell me all your secrets,
I’ll rid you of your fears.

Do you see the light
That shines forth so bright?
Here it comes so clearly
Like a haze in the night.

Can you see my shadow
As I slip away –
Leaving you longing
For another day?




SarahVoldengSarah Voldeng is completely untameable, has an irreverent sense of humor and is highly passionate about life. She has a giant soft heart and a fiercely loyal spirit. She owns a nutrition consulting practice on Vancouver Island, loves sports, cooking, photography, travelling and relaxing in her garden. Find her at here or connect with her via Facebook.






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