You are Perfect.



Can I tell you something?

You’re perfect just the way you are.

Yes, darling, YOU.

You’ve no doubt heard it a million times before, but for once, god dammit, listen! Stop scrambling and searching for something outside of yourself. There is nothing you can possibly obtain from out there that can fix, enhance or console you. Why? Because there is nothing outside of yourself. Do you hear me? There is nothing “out there”.

It’s all you, baby. Just you. Vast and luminescent you. Broken and faulty you. All of you is everything and you are all of everything. You are not just a piece of it, you are all of it.

Can you, for one second, begin to comprehend the magnitude of that? You are an amalgam of all things possible (and all things are possible).

You must never forget that whoever you are, wherever you are on your path, you are exactly, exactly as you should be. You are a glorious and celebrated being with nothing that needs to be altered or made better.

Take a deep breath.


Do it.

In this moment, yep this one right here, this breath right now, you are more magnificent, more overwhelmingly brilliant than you could ever comprehend. Right here, right now you are all that you will ever be. You are absolutely boundless. You are both the creator and the created. Can you imagine that my dear? What a miraculous thing you are!

So quit worrying about the rest of it, forget the should’ves and the could’ves. Forgive yourself for the mistakes. Release the need to improve, get rid of the desire to be better or bigger (What could possibly be bigger than all things that ever have been or ever could be created???). Cast off your self-doubt. Relinquish the searching.

You are there. You always were there, and you always will be. Close your eyes, and let these words sink down deep, deep, deeper into your soul:








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