The bobsled ride. {Poetry}



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By Barry John Johnson.

The driver motions me in.

It is unspoken, but still like an order. It is dark, but the sky is still bluish, stars are visible and the moon lights the sky.

The driver wears a helmet, face not visible.

We are in a small, picturesque Alpine village.

It is a bobsled, modern day, like you see in the Olympics. I am stuffed head first in the nose cone on my back, my arms bunched up towards my chest. It is a narrow space. I feel immediate speed as the sled jerks ahead in a downward motion.

I feel no control. I am breathing hard. It is claustrophobic. Panic sets in.

I can’t move my arms much. I feel constrained. I feel upside down as we move with great speed. I hear the blades of the sled cutting through the snow. I hear scattered pings of debris hitting the sides of the sled.

I want out. I can’t really breathe.

I ask the driver to stop. Please stop.

There is no answer. I am now panting. I feel more stuck as I push outward with my arms, still feeling constrained, held down. My fight or flight system seems to be in full gear. More panting.

I suddenly remember my meditation. It take deep breaths, slow exhales. I close my eyes.

Some inner knowledge speaks. I simply decide to not fight or resist the situation, to just be. I will simply ride with the bobsled.

I calmly turn on my belly, hands forward, elbows tucked into my chest like the sphinx. I now see there is a small window. The moon lights the snow covered trail garnished with evergreen trees. I see the lights of houses nearby, and villages in the distance. We are cruising, but it doesn’t seem so fast now.

It is a beautiful night.

I sense that it is my job to lean with the trail turns and as obstacles might require. My intuition guides me. The driver is silent, but clearly present. A course has been charted and the driver steers. I continue to lean as necessary. I feel like a natural now. My heart beats slowly. I am in tune with the driver.

I am content. I feel a soft smile. I feel protected. I enjoy this bobsled ride.



barryjohnmuggshotBarry John Johnson is a counselor in San Diego, California. He used to work as a high level bureaucrat until he decided not to anymore. He likes helping people. He also likes meditation, writing, intuitive arts and independent spiritual studies. You can connect with Barry on Facebook.



{Exhale and close your eyes.}



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