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A yogic illumination of imagination.




By Thea Pueschel.

It began in a yoga class; there she lay in Savasana.

As the musical bells were chiming over the synthesized rainforest sounds she felt a stirring in her upper belly. She metaphorically looked down, keeping her eyes closed and pointed toward the ceiling. As she looked she saw the breaking of light bellow the breastbone, right at the sternum’s end.

As the light began to tear away from her flesh she saw the opening reveal the sky. A deep azure with cumulus clouds where her upper abdomen once was… the beginning started to form.  She knew. Knew something magical was going to happen.

That a dawning was to occur…

As the teacher walked around the room adjusting a few people, she felt her energy. The energy of the room, and the energy of the dungeon underneath, her body started to feel light and luminous and broke free from its physical prison. Standing in white light outlines, there she was her energetic body levitating out of the physical form. Confused she looked at her detached self and saw the changes, the energetic body turned into the gossamer ghost of intention.

She kept feeling the energy pull at her body. Her feet sought surface as they were flexed against naught. Her hands and arms began to feel light and her Belly broke even wider open to a full globe of earth, wind and sky.

As she focused on her third eye she knew what this meant. That this was indeed the time, the place and the space. She rolled to a fetal position, and then sat straight using her core, brought her hands to chest sighed and let out an O-M.

The sky was still in her belly. The expanse of breath made more space.

She realized with the rumble, that in that very class she had been impregnated by the great antagonist, without a touch or an adjustment from the teacher she knew. That the barren wasteland had now become a hotel for harbinger of the end of this order, she felt conflicted. The yoga class left her serotonin levels elevated but the idea the thought of the occupancy of the Son of Perdition in her belly was just way too much to handle.

Wondering if it were perchance the combination of the yoga studio being located above a basement used as a dungeon of sadomasochism combining the energy of the previous friend’s occult, the raising of energetic awareness of others that brought this feeling, this sensation, this reality.

As she swung her mat bag over her shoulder, she wondered if she should tell anyone. The news itself was big, but hard to explain. Not knowing if this was a super speed situation or one that would take decades she decided to hold her frenetic truth within her. To see how the hatching, exploding or birthing would come about. Would she become the feared, or would she actual birth the creature or evil through a traditional vaginal birth with doulas and midwives present. Would they shriek and run out of the room or be overcome by this infant’s piercing charm and suave tears.

She came to the conclusion… only in a true restful state could the imagination run rampant to place other worldly combining real sensations, deep knowledge of a location and fantastical imagery. Thankful for the machinations of her imagination she was able to float on a cloud of ethereal delight as she exited the class, knowing… only in yoga.


Thea P.Thea Pueschel, C.Ht., CYT is a Hypnotherapist, Curvy Yoga Teacher, Artists and is her “father’s son”, the third of four and equally as energetic and creative as her namesake. Raised with the idea that life is art, and anything worth doing is done with passion and focus she explores the world with the wide eye wonder of childhood adopting and engaging in new skills, modalities and forms of expression. She is the creator and facilitator of HypnoArt and Pranyama & Paint Workshops.  She believes in clear communication and active listening. She is a liver of life and recently discovered that she has a chronic case of wanderlust and desires to explore and experience the physical world as much as possible. She is co-owner of Hazel Blue Studios a living arts studio with Kyle McGough, RYT. Twitter: @HypSolutions. Facebook. Website.


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