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Ode to the Tree.


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Beautiful tree,
How I wonder at you.

Your long skinny branches,

long and bony.

Your deep deep roots.  Growing—

taking up space

across the supple ground.

How I love to trace them, trying

to find where you begin,

knowing I never will.

Oh, magnificent tree,

so still you stand

through the rain and snow.

In the dark and the light.

Bending your branches

in the strong wind.

Bending to adjust

with the season.

Watching.  So patient.

So sacred.

Giving the world your beauty,

asking for nothing in return.

Oh, the things you’ve seen!
The stories you can tell.
But, you keep them hidden.
Giving love instead.

In my walks, I see you.

Long and willowy.

Bent and twisted.

At the same time,

delicate and rugged.

Feathery and long are your green sprouts.

Seeing you—

I let go of worries

plaguing my mind–

focusing only on you

and nothing else.

I am amazed.

How stunning that each tiny leaf grows

in just the right way to catch the sun’s rays,

how each branch opens into the next,

how each part of the same tree is completely different

than any other but,

still the same.

Such beauty.

Such love.

Lucky I am
that I paid attention

Lucky I am that your glance

caught mine.

Lucky to see you,

and most of all,

to feel you–

your love,

that’s always been



Now, I want to linger

in this love of the world.

Not wanting to go inside.

And, I wonder
why I worry so much
about everything—never
letting my mind be
clear and uncluttered
like it is now
when I’m here with you.

Nothing seems important


Work, ambitions,

that stupid thing I said today

and what I should have

said instead,

the anger I felt, and then

the sadness

all have disappeared.

And, I feel free–

floating, dancing,

in this love,

the love of the world,

that surrounds me,

that has penetrated into me.

And, now finally,

I feel me.


ruchiRuchi Jain is a Yoga, meditation, and spirituality junkie. She is on a constant mission to find inspiration in the smallest of things. She lives in a constant state of curiosity and awe of the world around her. Connect with her on Facebook.

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