I Am. {Poetry}

Bulgaria - Image via www.TheAtlantic.com

Bulgaria – Image via www.TheAtlantic.com

By Nicolas Hunter Quan.

I am the lone star in the immense universe of space.

I am the thought that tugs at the back of my mind.

I am the voice that says go left when “they” say right.

I am ME and I am the silent.

I am a pixel on the face of the planet.

I am the one who finds peace in the dark.

I am filling in a virtual world.

I am the last to follow the traces.

I am the elephant that never forgets.

I am the color that flows through the ocean.

I am the speck on the almost clean floor.

I am the spark that burns down the house.

I am the fire that burnt through the ashes.

I am the bee lost in the meadow.

I am the defect found in the laptop.

I am the hope at the end of the rainbow.

I am the dream obliterated by people.

I am the rock that cannot be shattered.

I am the pawn used on the chessboard.

I am the lost piece to complete the hundred-piece puzzle.

I am ME and I am my own person,
uncontrolled by the forces of nature or even the man himself.



nic's image -b_wNicolas is a 15-year-old veteran of life, documenting his impressions, his encounters… across moments, experiences and emotions. He has a passion for coding, gaming and virtual cyber worlds, where the lines between us and our realities begin to blur. He intends to leave a mark upon these boundary-less worlds, by sharing his poetry and his vision for the future through creative game and application design. Nicolas currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.


 {I am.}


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  • Jim Fry
    jim fry commented on August 18, 2013 Reply
    Nic, Warm appreciation for sharing your perspectives. Please. Share. More. !!!

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