Expansion: The 2013 Copenhagen Yoga Festival.


Photo: CPH Yoga Festival.

Photo: CPH Yoga Festival.

Continuity and sustainability — do the thoughts in bed count as working hours?

Co-founders of the Copenhagen Yoga Festival, Mai Brøndsted and Stina Madelaire have been busily preparing for this coming weekend’s two-day yoga festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is the festival’s third year running and it’s expected to double in size (fingers and toes crossed).

“We hope that this year’s festival will be even more international and we hope to expand. Last year’s festival was focused on growing the awareness of yoga and strengthening the local community. This year the focus is expansion, ” said Stina.

Speaking of doubling in size, this year’s festival will hold an estimated 30 stalls (versus last year’s 15-16). Stalls will include local yoga studio information, yoga equipment and clothes, books and jewelry. This year will also host local massage businsesses (massage on location), women with cancer and even a colonics stall.

Photo: Tanya Lee Markul (Stina on left; Mai on right)

Photo: Tanya Lee Markul (Stina on left; Mai on right) – chatting with me in Nørrebro, Denmark.

Let’s also not forget food. Local businesses will participate to offer yogis refreshments such as coffee, tea, juice, smoothies and warm sustenance from places such as Soupanatural (organic, homemade soups and bread) and Urtehuset (vegetarian, vegan and raw eats)… and more.

Mai shares that this year will also host an Info Tent.

“Based on some of the feedback we got from last year, we’ll host an info tent right in the middle of everything. We wanted to also put focus on building the identify of the festival and offer participants information about not only what’s happening, but who’s behind the scenes,” says Mai.

Coming back to last year’s intention, Mai and Stina both agreed that the 2013’s festival was carried out with the idea of introducing yoga to the community and that they wanted to inspire people to discover that yoga can be so many things — no matter age, body size or shape or experience. This year they hope to take a step further and remove some of the barriers between schools of yoga.

“We hope to bring everyone together this year no matter the school of yoga. We want people to feel welcome and connected no matter what,” says Stina.

The festival is from 9am to 9pm on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm. There will be over 30 classes taught from a variety of yoga schools and teachers. This year’s program will feature Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Kirtan, Iyengar, Bhakti Flow, Jivamukti, Dynamic Yoga and much, much more. For more information about classes, workshops and teachers, visit the Copenhagen Yoga Festival homepage.

Photo: CPH Yoga Festival

Photo: CPH Yoga Festival

These hard working ladies, on top of their personal lives and daily means of livelihood, have been working around the year and nearly around the clock with the long-term goal of transforming what was once a dream to a sustainable business model.

“Right now we’re nearly non-profit. We put as much personal time and money into developing our concept as possible. Our ultimate goal is to one day become sustainable — right now we’re still a start up — but we hope that it’s all possible,” Says Mai.

We think it’s possible, ladies.

Big props to these two hardworking, compassionate entrepreneurs. See you at the festival!

A peak at last year’s festival complements of Rebelle TV:

Come and meet me and the lovely, brilliant Rebelle Society writer, Saran Kaur, in the Big Tent on Saturday at 3pm for a Kundalini—Vinyasa Flow. Hope to see you there!





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