sandtime story. {poetry}

Sylvia - Sandstormed - Co-created with Sylvia Vale

Sylvia – Sandstormed – Co-created with Sylvia Vale

the sands, swirl and shift,
particulates fleeting in time’s rift,
whilst we breathe, across a moment’s sift.

i could have been anyone,
and you could have been, too,
yet here we’ve encountered, each other,
while trampling forward, upon our daily trespasses.

and all we create, from these grains,
our weathered rocks, ground to silica bitz,
become the foundation of our sandtime story.

as the dunes morph upon the coast,
undulating down, to become the beach,

trust thus,

that your voice & heartsongs, have reached my ear,
& i hear them, carried upon the breeze,

that your spirit is felt, across my every desert sandscape,
sweetly satiating a parched, thirsty heart,

& that this is not jus’ a mirage,
these pulsating heatwaves,
you see rippling …

but the ember sparkz,
of a heart, named & inflamed.


Appreciation to  Sylvia Vale for her Image Craft.

{Rebelle Sandstorms.}


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Jim Fry
I'm a gypsy, seduced by words that capture emotions and emotions that transcend words. Writing affords me an opportunity to express my deepest feelings in the format I'm most comfortable. I write to unravel and understand myself, to shift my consciousness and also to touch a few others that may find meaning and connection, through the metaphors I've strung together while seeking to share, reflect and relate. I'm most impressed by the lyricists, poets, troubadours and scribes that write their own story, magicians all, weaving tales and reality with wicked efficacy.
Jim Fry

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  • Cara commented on August 23, 2013 Reply
    Gorgeous, each word.

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