the return. {poetry}

Image by infin8cyn on deviantART

Image by infin8cyn on deviantART

Step outside your mind,

you’ll find

the whole world exists

in our hearts.

Possibilities become realities,

struggle and strife

are met with ease.

Truth and light

take flight,

a wellspring of divinity

within me.

I see,

but not with my eyes.



zac with rocks

Zac Bristol has always had an itch to write, whether for himself or for the world at large. Shoeboxes of poems fill his closet, and constellations fill his head. A peaceful warrior of the highest sort, he resides in the Rocky Mountains, where he enjoys discovering new aspects of the natural world. His favorite thing to explore, beyond his own mind, is a mountain cirque. A willing participant in the spinning of the big wheel, he will always pedal when needed. Write to Zac at [email protected]


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