Stardust. {poetry}



Nothing is permanent
Everything is transient
Change is inevitable
Resistance is futile
True love is essential
Acceptance is contentment
Attachment breeds resentment
Fear is a choice;
Suffering, the price
(Don’t let it steal your voice)
Life is an adventure…
Be wild, free and wander.
They say that we’re different,
From Venus and Mars
But really, the truth is…
We’re all made of stars.



{Starry You.}



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Zoe Quiney
Originally from the UK, Zoe Quiney now resides in Australia, indefinitely, where she studies Ayurveda, an ancient Indian study of Life, and writes from her heart. She spends her time studying, recording her musings on life, walking, hanging out by the ocean and juggling her (day)dreams. Her life goal is to live in a tiny wooden eco-friendly house surrounded by trees, mountains, water and rescued animals, cooking delicious food, drinking red wine and writing to her heart's content... but until then she will continue to weave together stories, using the threads of her heart, sharing them with the world, as she follows the calling of her soul. You can connect with her on Facebook and find her musings on her writing page, Tumblr or Instagram.


  • Katie Hill commented on August 27, 2013 Reply
    I’m going to read this in my yoga class tonight! Thank you for such a beautiful expression!!!
    • Zoe Quiney
      Zoe Q commented on August 28, 2013 Reply
      Thank you Katie… that’s lovely x
  • Scot commented on August 28, 2013 Reply
    Sweet…lovely…poignant! Insightfully beautiful. Namaste….
    • Zoe Quiney
      Zoe Q commented on August 29, 2013 Reply
      Thanks for you kind words, Scot. Touched. Namaste x

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