Stardust. {poetry}



Nothing is permanent
Everything is transient
Change is inevitable
Resistance is futile
True love is essential
Acceptance is contentment
Attachment breeds resentment
Fear is a choice;
Suffering, the price
(Don’t let it steal your voice)
Life is an adventure…
Be wild, free and wander.
They say that we’re different,
From Venus and Mars
But really, the truth is…
We’re all made of stars.



{Starry You.}



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Zoe Quiney
Zoe Quiney is a part-time writer and full-time dreamer with a penchant for anything or anyone weird, amusing, interesting and beautiful. Zoe believes in creating one’s own heaven on earth, and finds inspiration in people and places that calm her soul. She generally lives by the rule that ‘F* It! Why not?’ answers the most important life questions. Zoe wants to leave something meaningful behind in this lifetime, even if it’s just a nice poem. You can follow Zoe on Tumblr, Facebook or her blog.

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