dissolving the molecules. {poetry}


Grains of Sand by Kees Straver via http://www.flickr.com/photos/tropical-blizzard/

Grains of Sand by Kees Straver via http://www.flickr.com/photos/tropical-blizzard/


Look, deeply into the mirror

see, your reflection, and then beyond

we are all there, U, me and we, the whole cast


U and I, each, are the composite

the miraculous and tragic, juxtaposed

aggregating into what we perceive to be, we


We co-inhabit these storylines, divine

as we play and parlay, scribing & painting

upon parchment and canvas, creationally synched


When the veils, boundaries and walls

are dissolved and we embrace, the energy

we find ourselves, pulsing between polarities, fabricated


In the essence of magick*
beyond the constructed separations
i’ll await, to meet you & celebrate
motionless pendulums.



{Molecular Rebelles.}



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Jim Fry
I'm a gypsy, seduced by words that capture emotions and emotions that transcend words. Writing affords me an opportunity to express my deepest feelings in the format I'm most comfortable. I write to unravel and understand myself, to shift my consciousness and also to touch a few others that may find meaning and connection, through the metaphors I've strung together while seeking to share, reflect and relate. I'm most impressed by the lyricists, poets, troubadours and scribes that write their own story, magicians all, weaving tales and reality with wicked efficacy.
Jim Fry

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