I Want To Burn It All Up.

I want to burn it all up.

The plans,

The pain

The past

Ideas about who I should be

As a woman,

A wife,

A sexual being.

I want to burn it all up

With love

True love

Fierce love

Not a pretend to be nice and well behaved so you feel good love.

I am Kali on crack with a cracked open heart.

Dancing, dancing the beautiful into being on the pyres you despise.

I want to burn it all up

All this domesticated bullshit

All this fear

All this insecurity, mistrust, jealousy,

All this you not showing up in your majesty,

All this mailing it in and stuffing it down,

All this keeping it small, good and polite because it’s what nice girls do.

I want to live like an inferno.

Raging the wildfires of love across the plains

burning that which is not love,

the fire releasing the seeds of what can be,

like those California pines who need to heat to burst forth their seeds.

I want to live like an inferno.

Burning, burning

As Ferlinghetti says, “and everyone says, Ahhh”

But also aha

This is how it can be.


Shasta Townsend
Shasta Townsend loves to see women of all ages recognize, access, and utilize the greatness within them, and to be a small part of it. She is skilled at cracking the lockbox of limitation and revealing one’s inner gifts. She is a feisty champion of creating an unlimited life where ease, joy, and freedom reign, regardless of the circumstances. Shasta’s expertise in these matters does not come from a few letters behind her name, but from her own investigation, learning, and journey. Thanks to this, her offerings are not regurgitated from another's textbook, but from her own personal evolution and inner guidance. Shasta shares her passion for living well as a Featured Columnist at Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, Rebelle Society and Vivid Life. Shasta leads retreats, workshops and talks around the world. She lives in Canada with her husband, cat and creative impulse. Her debut book, Happy, Sexy, Shameless -- What Our Mothers Didn't Know About the Birds and the Bees, is available through all Amazon platforms world-wide. You could onnect with Shasta on Facebook or Twitter.
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