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Cosmic Mojo: My Intuition Told Me What To Do.




My intuition told me what to do.

Well, kinda. It gave me a picture of a spelling bee contestant of all things. This came in response to my query, or my frustration. I was having some kind of weird mystic week whereby I felt like I was receiving gobs and gobs and intuitive messages and insights, one after the other, within a subtext that everything had a charge; everything had meaning; deep meaning, for me and my spiritual path, for people I loved and their journeys.

I felt like a satellite dish with the premium package subscription and several TVs on at all at once.

I was amazed, flustered and tripping hard, at the same time. I had lived a life of developing and trusting my intuition, meditating daily. I relied on my insights, hunches and gut, and this served me well. But I was experiencing something new, a different level of download.

This was a cascade of cosmic mojo; a dump truck of divinations. There was too much to discern. There was too much for me to glean the true meaning or importance of each nugget received.

I could also feel it in my body. This gave each message more charge, credibility. I kept curiously touching myself. There I was feeling myself up, sometimes in a public place. My hand, or fingertips, to my heart. My other hand’s fingertips to my abdomen, rib cage; lightly tapping, tracing, to locate the exact point of intuitive connection with my body.

I was not sure why I was doing this, but it felt necessary. There was a certain satisfaction in finding the bodily point of contact. I could have cared less how this activity may have appeared to others.

Yet still my reaction to this scenario is: “Hmmmm? What the heck is going on? This is too much! What does this all mean? What am I supposed to do with all of this information? Please Help Me!” I was bewildered.

This is when I got my answer. I got an image of a spelling bee.

We may have all seen coverage of a high level spelling competition whereby one of the brilliant young contestants receives a word to spell and they look puzzled, stumped, in a quandary. There is a moment of suspense as if they might not recover, that they may only take their best guess or freeze up.

We as spectators feel nervous for them. We ache for them, but they seem to shake it off and regain their footing with a deep breath and a reconfigured posture emulating authority, direction. At that moment, they are likely still not sure how to spell that particular word, but they take charge and start questioning and interacting with tournament officials, as allowed.

“Can you please repeat the word?”; “Please use the word in a sentence.”; “Can you please tell me if the word is a noun, adjective or verb?”; “Please provide the language of origin.”; “Are there any alternate pronunciations?”

This is not just a delay tactic. There are time constraints and the spellers are straight forward getting further information which may help them figure out the correct spelling. Maybe more often than not, the process triggers the exact understanding that the stumped contestant needs, guiding them to the correct answer in the nick of time.

My own intuition was telling me how to engage with it. It was telling me to: Stop. Slow Down! Take a deep breath and, take charge. Focus in on each intuition from a position of confidence with the knowledge that you are allowed to interact and to ask questions.

Who better to school me on my intuition, than my own intuition? Wow ! I love this universe!

I could have felt cocky at this point, like, bring it on! Yet I somehow knew that humility and gratitude were important elements in regards to any interaction with my new BFF, my intuition.

I started to think about tapping into intuition as a practice, just like meditation and mindfulness are thought of in this manner. And for me, these three practices are inter-related as meditation and mindfulness are both part of my intuition awareness practice. Meditation begets mindfulness and mindfulness begets an enhanced awareness of intuition.

In addition to this practice, I can now place this Spelling Bee Technique with appropriate doses of humility and gratitude and lastly, some amount of allowance or surrender to let this process flow.

I do believe that some individuals are gifted in this area, more in tune, one might say. I also believe that everybody is constantly on the receiving end of intuitive information and insights. The problem for most is the massive amount of clutter and debris we allow in our minds that blocks or muffles the messages we could be receiving.

Constant anxiety and intuition may simply be mutually exclusive. Fight and flight mechanisms may be an opposing force to what is known as our intuitive center, the vagus nerve, whose main job is to turn off the fight and flight system when dangers recede. Furthermore, our educational systems focus on total dominating use of the rational mind.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~Albert Einstein.

This “gift” is then actually suppressed by most. It is snubbed in honor of the so called rational mind, and many times with regret. We had a feeling we might say afterwards or I knew I should have trusted my gut.

So, at those moments when our gut is telling us something, giving us a feeling, that is the time to take charge, slow everything down and get into the spelling bee approach. As I found out, there is no rule against interacting with your intuition. It is allowed! It is encouraged! I know, my intuition told me so!



Barry John Johnson is a counselor in San Diego, California. He used to work as a high level bureaucrat until he decided not to anymore. He likes helping people. He also likes meditation, writing, intuitive arts and independent spiritual studies. For more Barry: and Facebook.


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