Blind Date. {poetry}

Photo source: Rex Features.

Photo source: Rex Features.

Sweet fog, you come to me
like a lover in the night.

I don’t hear your footsteps
as you move towards me.

I don’t see your eyes
as you watch me,
But I can feel you coming
like a vague sensation.

Still you surprise me
when you wrap your
soft arms around me
and cover me with your milky breath.

I lose myself in you –
in your fragility and in
your subtle touch.

Everything that was sharp before
becomes soft in your presence.

You transport me to a dream
where I travel without baggage.

I feel lost like a sailor without a compass,
as you whisper in my ear.

You welcome me to your land of blindness –
Here I lose my sense of knowing and direction,
but I start a silent dance with you
as my partner.

I hold you as a veil,
and you’re so beautiful
when you follow my whirling body,
through all the white and grey shades,
transparent and trans-illuminated by the sun.

You are my blind date,
and in our meeting I am lost,
and I surrender.

You make me see
what I couldn’t see
when everything was clear.



FriedaTarnFrieda Tärn is a constant seeker of who she is, trying to understand herself and life through nature and gardening, reading, being creative in various ways, and believing that magic exists everywhere if we only allow it. You could contact Frieda on Facebook.



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