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You Are A Soul-Fire Supernova: Live Like You Mean It.

The Day I broke up with normal - by DoItGirl

The Day I broke up with normal – by DoItGirl

I once knew a magic love bomb in New York City.

He was a striking Cherokee Indian-Mexican-American performing artist with angel wings that shot up to the sky (I saw his wings one night and mentioned as much — “oh, you noticed,” he said with a glimmer of a smile and a half shrug). We lived in a big old factory building in Tribeca together with two dozen other magic soul-fire madmen and supernovas in the months after 9/11.

One night at the dinner table I was slogging through yet another existential early-mid twenties crisis, as he shared his latest coupe with me. He’d landed a $20,000 New Years Eve gig for his new performance troupe at one of the hottest night clubs in the city.

Over the past few months I’d followed his magic journey as he pulled the group together, and spent weeks rehearsing with them (oh, and months seducing pretty much every other gorgeous supernova who came in his orbit…).

I had to know his secret, though… “How did you do it?!”

He had a burning passion for love and art, music, sex and success on his own terms — he knew what he wanted, and he could turn that soul-fire up and set the coldest cat on fire in a heartbeat, but he didn’t mention any of that. He just put it to me straight up and simple. He said:

“Look, we’re all magic — we make magic every day! You take an idea, you capture a glimmer of inspiration from your Soul and bring it to life — that’s magic. Every short film you make, every project you pull together from the inspiration of your spirit, you’re making magic happen.

You think you don’t have the power to create anything you want in the world? You’ve got your arms spread wide open, waiting for the universe to come and sweep you up, but you’re the only one who can choose your destiny and run with it! You’ve got to remember the law of Free Will — you’re in a partnership with the universe, the winds of Spirit may give you momentum but you’ve gotta steer your own ship…”

Months later as I finally embarked on the greatest journey of my life to India — a quest for happiness, enlightenment and eternal glory — his words echoed in my soul…

“You are in partnership with the universe — the winds of Spirit may blow with Fierce Grace in your sails, but it’s on you to steer the ship.”

I never forgot those words, and many years, and dozens of journeys since, it reverberates still in my soul, with some kind of clarity and understanding earned by experience. So I understand this is the magic of our existence and there is a choice I have every day, the choice and imperative to look deep and ask myself,

Where am I going today? What am I doing to follow through on this vision — to do my part in this magical partnership?

How can I steer this ship to catch the wind and make progress towards my destination — can I circumnavigate them nasty reefs ahead…?

At some point you’re gonna crash, ’cause it’s inevitable — you can’t expect to sail your ship all the way to the New World without a single casualty or running aground!

And this is where magical people hit up against our own Achilles Heel….

We have this beautiful gorgeous vision that’s been channeled to us by the Gods of Good Fortune, and we really don’t know how we’re going to get it done, but we have big faith in The Vision — this is the one! – so we plod on…

And in the tradition of the Mythic Hero’s Journey, there’s no way it’s gonna’ be smooth sailing all the way to the finish line, but that’s okay! We don’t mind. Until it gets too hard, and then we do. Until “reality” strikes…

‘Shit! I’ve got to pay the bills, and no one seems to really care. I’m not hitting the notes I envisioned, I’m not getting the feedback I wanted, I’m not being supported as I need, this sucks! You suck, Universe — you’re not holding up to your side of the deal!’

And of course, the Universe and the angels are laughing, because if you just carried on and pushed through, if you just had one more ounce of belief in yourself, that one ounce would have tipped the bucket. That one drop would have been enough to propel your vision around the bend and land you on fertile ground, but you stopped short because you wanted more than you were willing to give.

You wanted the validation and support of the universe and everyone in it to carry you forward, and you didn’t trust your Self quite enough to steer your ship home.

Because yes, you’re in a partnership with the Universe, but ultimately the real battle is not to reach your supposed destination — the real battle is to conquer yourself.

The thing is: Sure as the sky is blue, you’re a supernova — you are a magic love bomb of soul-fire stardust — and things don’t always work out for you the way they do for the more rational, logic-driven people. You can’t just follow some system or copy someone else’s success — that’s jumping the wrong ship.

You’ve got to blaze your own trail from the very Fire of your Soul, steer your own ship with your own compass, and fuck the maps and systems and all the rest of the false lies people want you to buy and believe.

(Truth: If you try and follow the advice and systems of rational-linear thinking people it will frustrate the hell out of you, and inevitably it will backfire and fall flat, or attract the wrong people to you and suck your energy dry.)

You know what you need to do… Let your Spirit burn hot and bright and follow the calling of your Soul. Open your eyes to a new life, and see the world with Original Zen Mind (spacious wide open beginner’s mind), then let the Fire of your Heart set your life ablaze and awake. You know what to do, but are you really living that magic burning truth of your Soul?

As Joseph Campbell once marvelously said to Andréa Balt (with smiling eyes!),

“The world without spirit is a wasteland. People have the notion of saving the world by shifting things around, changing the rules, and who’s on top, and so forth. No, no! Any world is a valid world if it’s alive. The thing to do is to bring life to it, and the only way to do that is to find in your own case where the life is and become alive yourself.”

There’s always going to be resistance, there’s always going to be a struggle, but when you’re steering the ship from the Fire of your Soul, there is nothing that can stop you in the end.

You cannot fail, because you’re are so fully engrossed in the Flow of your Spirit, so totally on fire with your Truth, that any action stemming from that can only be a success — even if it literally kills you.

“Hóka-héy, today is a good day to die!” ~ Lakota warrior-leader Crazy Horse

Yes, you are a magic Soul-Fire Supernova, and yes, it’s scary as hell to stand on the edge of the abyss — to put it all out on the line, strip yourself naked and hurl yourself into the wind, but it’s worth every single moment.

You’re staring into the darkest night of your soul, facing your biggest fears, pushing yourself as far as you can go to the outer limits of your capabilities. Then suddenly you awake as if from the longest, darkest night, and you’re actually living like you mean it — you’re living your dream and bringing your magic to the world, and it was all worth it, it’s all fucking perfect. 

Every day is another chance to walk in beauty, another chance to touch the sky with your heart, light up the world with that skip in your step, and the quirk in your style. Every week we have ten thousand opportunities to say the one thing that one special person needs to hear to brighten their day — maybe even change their lives forever.

You know what I’m sayin’?! Every single moment, every single day, 10,080 minutes a week. Every little thing can be magic.

What are you bringing to the world every day? Can you make that decision right now, today, to touch the world with the magic of your soul’s fire — every doorknob you touch, every smile you exchange, every person you speak with? 

It’s not work when it charges you up, and feeds your soul. It just feels really good, and when you know that you’re in partnership with the Universe, you just need to do your part, push through the fear and resistance, follow through with the vision, and let the Fire do its magic.

Start by opening up that line of communication with Spirit and the Universe wider, however that works for you, let it burn bright and explode in your heart — shooting out like a thousand stars, an Autumn meteor shower — and trust the Flow of That!

But for Christ’s Sake be smart about it, and do your part in this magic partnership with the universe.

Stop listening to people who just don’t get it, and find your own systems of happiness and making magic that actually work for you (yes, such systems exists even for us!) There is no greater treasure I have found in my 36 years than what I’ve been granted from following the Fire of my Soul to the edges of the Universe and back home again.

The world needs more Soul-Fire Supernovas who’ve come alive in their heart and soul to spread the magic of Love — the world needs more of you and me, and all of us here, bringing It.

What are you waiting for? Every single thing you do can be an act of simple magic and beauty.

Consider this your permission slip from the Universe — please do your part, and bring the magic. We want to be blown away by your beauty, we want to see you come alive with the magic of your Soul, we want to see you catch the world on fire, and live like you mean it.


Satya_Colombo_San_Francisco-250Satya Colombo is a nomadic writer, ukulele lover and personal adviser for magical misfits and world changers. On a journey around the world in search of his own version of paradise, he writes and dares a community of intrepid Fire-walkers to love their truth and live their mad dream over at Fierce Wisdom. He’s the creator of  The Soul-Fire Code: For the Magical Misfits, Rainmakers, Dreamers, Movers and Shakers, and you — you gorgeous Supernova — are SO invited to join us in bringing the RAIN!


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