Sunrise By My Side. {poetry}

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If you’re reading this,

I believe in you.

More than the stars in the sky at your favorite camping spot,

More than the grains of sand cradling all of the unknown depths of the ocean,

More than all of the shadows of doubt that always seem to creep in and dull your shine.


I see a light within you.

Brighter than the rays of sun piercing your sleepy eyes in the morning,

Brighter than firework ceilings exploding overhead on the fourth of July,

Brighter than the spotlights breaking through the midnight sky as they lead wandering travelers home.


I’m home with you.

Grandma’s blanket, lavender-scented, Swedish-woven in black and white,

Daddy’s hugs and mama’s kisses, promising everything will be all right.


I’m right with you.

Not the kind of right where you need to know the answer, but the kind of right where it’s okay if I’m wrong.

The kind of right where the odds are against me, but somehow our hearts still beat to the tune of the same song.


I sing for you.

Top of my lungs, goosebump-shivers, lyrics that speak right to your soul.

The kind of music that has a way of bringing you peace,

for a moment in time you don’t feel so alone.


I’m alone with you.

The world is silenced, the moment stands still, the only thing I see is my future in your eyes.

It’s impossible to feel fear as the sun goes down

When you have a sunrise right by your side.


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Macaile Hutt
Macaile Hutt believes the best perfume is Idaho mountain air, the deepest laugh often comes from the mouth of a child, and coffee is the answer no matter the question. She has had to learn the hard way that some words ache until they are said. Find your voice and let it be heard. Macaile would like you to join her on Facebook or her website, as you take your own heart and live this beautiful life in search of perfect moments in such a way that every moment becomes perfect.
Macaile Hutt
Macaile Hutt