Lifeboat. {poetry}

I can’t compete
With the noise of this place
So let me whisper.

Draw closer now,
Don’t miss
The shape of my lips
Forming flotation devices
To pull us
Out of our pain.

Quietly my dear–
Can you hear
The sound
Of silence?

It’s our last shelter,
A final refuge
For these minds
Flooded with trouble,
Too sick to think,
Too weak to will.

Sit, sit with me here
Let us not speak-
It has all been said.
Let’s make room
For silence now.

Calm yourself,
Be still with me.
Don’t move.

Let us honor our
Most precious possessions–
Our health,
Our sanity,
Each other,

With this resolve
To be still.
To be silent.
To be witness
To the miracle
Of our own
Ongoing existence.


Eva Hermogenes
Eva Hermogenes is a general rebelle, author, and zen buddhist priest. She offers zen practice support internationally. She officiates weddings, funerals and memorials, and hosts local meditations in San Diego. In addition to working directly with individuals and groups for awakening and support, Eva is a general religion writer for the Examiner, and a published author of fiction. She speaks a few languages, plays a few instruments, loves art and has too many pets. For more information on local services, visit mondozen.org or join the meetup group.
Eva Hermogenes
Eva Hermogenes
Eva Hermogenes

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