The Body, The Environment And The Present Moment.



As I walk myself deeper into my body, as I meditate on my heart, I recognize many things that have been hidden out of sight.

I am starting to understand the very real relationship between my body and the global body.

My body lives in the present moment. My body exists in the NOW. It is the Divine Feminine brought into form; it is the vessel of my infinite Soul.

We as people live our lives for the future. “When I have enough money, I will do this or that.” “When I’m retired, I’ll travel the world.” “When I’m slim, I’ll be happy.” We all have these patterns of projecting ourselves into the future. But the future does not exist, except in the NOW. Same goes for the past. If you relive the past, you relive it in the NOW. The only moment we have is NOW.

The NOW is the realm of the physical body. The body is only NOW. This breath. This heartbeat. The present moment is very simple. The future and the past are usually a tangle. And our minds find the tangles alluring and interesting. But the present moment is the only space that brings peace.

Our environment and surroundings are a reflection of what we create inside ourselves. The way we turn our creative energies into self-criticism can be seen in the ways that we alter and cut into the earth. We do plastic surgery on our faces and strive to alter the face of the earth as well. We subscribe to the belief that nature is somehow flawed; we try to improve by changing the surface of things, but real change happens at the core level.

When we are separated from our bodies, we tend to think that there is a separation between mine and yours. We also become separated from our surroundings. For example, throwing garbage out the car window — “it’s out of my lap now” — (but it’s really not) is a belief that somehow your space is separate from someone else’s.

“Leave it to others” and “none of my business” are beliefs that we cannot entertain anymore as a collective. We cannot afford to check out from our personal responsibility anymore.

How to cultivate a new earth through connecting with the Divine Feminine:

The way the Sacred Feminine is educating me is by challenging me to care for myself. Putting myself and my needs first. Filling myself up. Releasing all old patterns. Freeing up space inside. The mind has a way of overriding the body’s needs — this is a cultural conditioning we have gone through collectively. Work until you drop. Justify your every need. We do not listen to our bodies before they scream with pain and the discomfort of separation.

I will go to the toilet later, I will just finish writing this article first. I will take a break later, there is work to be done first. I will have dinner on the metro/in the car/on the train. Later. I will put myself later. I will put my body later.

We will do anything to escape the present, to escape the body, to escape our (sometimes painful and confusing) emotions. We zone out, numb out, check out from our physical bodies into the realm of thought and illusion. Through TV, stimulants, emotional dramas, et cetera.

So, as we put ourselves last — or LATER — as we project our NOW into a future that is never here (because it is the future, after all), we manifest the same pattern around us. Naturally, the same goes for our relationship with the environment — we will clean it up later; I do not want to think about it, it is uncomfortable. Like the nuclear disaster in Japan.

Fukushima is still there, folks. Still releasing radioactive matter out into the oceans of the world; water knows no boundaries and we all need it to survive. Turning a blind eye on disaster is like pretending to negate your own shadow. Our own unhealed, radioactive pain that eats at us from the inside like a cancer. It is time NOW for us to heal these wounds personally and collectively. We have been given these dire circumstances to push us into change.

So what is the solution?

The solution that I see and propose is to put ourselves FIRST. Get into our bodies. Heal our emotions. Take care of our mental and emotional garbage. Take responsibility and care of our own needs. This is the Sacred Feminine at work in everyone, man and woman. (With the healing modalities present today, transformation can be very rapid and sometimes instantaneous.)

It might feel absolutely counterintuitive to start doing this; after all, we have been strongly conditioned by society and tradition (especially women) to put ourselves last. But we cannot serve anyone else if we do not serve ourselves first. How can you share that which you do not have? Giving from an empty space is the same as cultivating the same piece of land over and over until it is completely depleted and devoid of any nutrients.

A basic rule of agriculture is to let the soil rest and recuperate for one season before replanting. Same goes for human beings. Can you see how this all links together?

So let us start giving to ourselves. Take that bath. Go to the toilet when your body asks you to. Take time to pray or meditate. Let yourself feel your emotions. Nourish you body with movement. Reach out and ask for help with dealing with your unresolved stuff if you need to. There is a whole world out there waiting to help you, I assure you.

What is the one little, tiny thing I can do today to care for myself and the earth? Sign a petition. Clean the house. Clean my inbox. Recycle. Do a gentle detox. Have a green smoothie. Buy organic. Pick up the trash on the subway. Plant a seed. Garden. Start an urban gardening learning circle. Donate money (even if it is just a tiny amount.)

As we step up into taking responsibility for ourselves, it will naturally manifest in the world around us. We recognize the good, the blessings, we start being proactive and helping out. We pay the good stuff forward. As we clean up our own act, we start to enjoy a clean environment as well. We keep giving to ourselves through taking care of the world too.

The time is NOW. And NOW, is always, the time.


 {Now & Now.}


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