Divinity. {Poetry}



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By Omy Keyes.

You are Divine Inspiration

You are not separate from me

You are everything which is.


You are beauty incarnate.You are a body, but you arenot only a BodyBeingyou are a Light Being.


You are divinity,


You are the Grandmother’s singing voices

creating the Sacred Song.



You are a dancer

a Shiva

a goddess

a Festival celebrated by thousands

of devotees twirling in colorful robes.



You are the Light

which you see in yourself when

you close your eyes and

listen to the Wisdom

That is come down

through the ages

Through the Grandmother’s tongues.



You are Consciousness

and you are stars

you are the space Within

the Stars

You are the light that

bounces from the sun to the

earth and back again.



You are the kindness in a stranger’s eyes

You are the gentle rain falling on a summer’s day

You are the thunder and the lightning.

You are the destruction

and the Creation.



You are all of Us.

We are all You.

You are the dancer/gymnast/artist/poet.

You are the elderly woman who no longer leaves her house

You are the baby

with eyes open to the newness of


You are the mother holding her child for the first time,

You are the love that shines between her eyes and her infants’.

You are the vastness of the ocean.

You are the trickling mountain stream.



You are the glacier

You are the grain of sand in the Sahara.

You are the entire Sahara.



You are the perfection

of a ripe plum

hanging off of a tree, its leaves shaking in the warm breeze

of an orchard.

You are the bee that fertilized that flower

that became the fruit.

You are the seed that became the tree.

You are the roots.

You are the bird that flies above.



Omy Keyes_headshotOmy Keyes is an author, yogini, and a dreamer. She’s been writing poetry since she could read and has wanted to write books ever since she can remember. She believes that energy holds the key to all things and that magic is real. Omy blogs at, and at Reach her via email at [email protected] */]]>, or Twitter @zen_of_self.



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