Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos shall clear the path.



This is the fourth Aquarian sutra, or “golden rule” for the Aquarian Age, the current time we live in.

As a Sikh, vibrating the Cosmos is something I start my day with. I get up early in the morning, take a quick wash and sit down to chant. I chant mantras and poems written by enlightened spiritual masters. I vibrate my cells, my nervous system, the liquids of my body. I steep myself in the highest possible vibration and entrain to it over time by connecting daily with it.

This is how I vibrate the Cosmos. And indeed, the Cosmos keeps clearing my path quite effortlessly; things just fall into place on a daily basis. Miracles are something I count on.

So, what is the secret in this sutra?

It is this: Everything is vibration.

We vibrate on a cellular level, on an emotional level, we vibrate in our heart beats, we vibrate as we communicate through our voices. We live in a vibrational Universe. Everything that exists in the Universe has an individual vibratory signature. Even the planets have their unique humming sounds as they orbit in space! So We keep vibrating and, as you may know, whatever we are a vibrational match with will easily flow into our existence.

What we manifest around us in our three-dimensional world is just a reflection of our own point of vibration. I am not saying this to make anyone feel bad about what results they are seeing in their lives. I am saying this as a reminder to remember that if we do not like our results, we can change our results.

We can change our outlook, our beliefs, and subsequently, the results we see manifested around us! This is why it is so important to consciously vibrate the Cosmos.

Every one of us is a creator. But this sutra implies that we are not the only creator; we are not somehow alone and separate in the Universe, trying to get by on our own! Not at all. We create together with the Universe every second of our waking lives.

We are never alone in our creative process. Therefore, it is a good idea to be conscious of what we are vibrating, and hence, creating. A person who gets up in the morning in a cranky mood, and gets crankier even before they have stepped out of the door, is vibrating at the level of irritation or even anger, and might subsequently witness lots of angry people or irritation around them through the rest of their day.

But if we shift ourselves emotionally, vibrationally, even if there are ten angry people in the same room with us, we do not take it personally — because we are not vibrating on their level. We’d probably just say, “Oh, that’s funny! Everyone seems to have had a bowl of cranky for breakfast!”, and shrug it off.

If we are feeling a lot of negativity or hard emotions, a good way to start neutralizing these contracted spaces is to simply give them up to the Universe. Imagine yourself just throwing every crappy feeling out into space. Or imagine yourself pouring out every negative emotion through your cupped hands. Give up the hard situations and let the Universe work for you. Consciously give it over.

You can address your poopy gift to any enlightened master you know (I am serious, they will take it!) — for example, “Jesus, please take this fear, thank you.” Or “Buddha, please receive all my anxiety, thank you.” Or simply “Universe, I give this to you. Please take it, thank you.”

We do not need to hold on to any of it. It is only the mind which thinks that we should somehow manage or find a solution to whatever we are feeling by mulling it over indefinitely. But as we give up and give over all the tight places and the contracted feelings, we open up and prepare room for transformation and new solutions, new thoughts and new results. We lighten the load, we raise our vibration.

So, to navigate the current times that are filled with sudden change and apparent insecurity, the way through any blocks or difficulties is to raise our vibration. To work ourselves up the emotional ladder from despair, fear and helplessness towards more active pivot point vibrations of anger and empowerment, and then over to the joyful spectrum of trust, gratitude and contentment.

This is worthwhile work, and the whole invisible Universe is here to help us with it!

Are you ready to vibrate the Cosmos?

There are lots of tools to vibrate the Cosmos. I already mentioned chanting sacred chants and words. Neutralizing negative emotions using energy healing tools or your favorite self-help technique is a totally cool way to shift yourself. Unsticking yourself through yoga, exercise or creative movement is great.

Speaking affirmations absolutely works (just make sure you clear any counter-beliefs you might have so that the affirmation really sticks!) as does simply centering your focus on something joyful, beautiful and appreciating those things. Or making a gratitude list and feeling grateful.

Raising our vibration — vibrating the Cosmos — is a way to empower ourselves. It is a way of seeing ourselves as someone who has a say in matters. We might not always be in charge of circumstances in these fast-changing times, but we are always in charge of how we feel.

Let us rise up and vibrate the Cosmos!


{Cosmic Vibes.}

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Saran Kaur
Saran Kaur is a creative being, working with healing in the form of energy, music, voice, movement and Yoga. On her life journey so far, she has successfully used these tools to transform and heal herself and her life. She now facilitates and supports the healing, transformation and creativity of others. She's a classically trained singer and musician, Internationally certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Reconnective Healing practitioner. She also conducts readings of the Akashic Records to help people understand and transform their lives. She's currently studying to become a Shakti Dance teacher as well. She successfully healed her body from 13 years of Systemic Candidiasis and Rheumatoid Arthritis using natural healing methods. She considers the body the home of her spirit and the soil of all creativity of the mind, and so an integral part of the human experience, and absolutely vital to be in touch with as a woman and as a human. She strongly believes that self-love is the true soil that nurtures the love that we extend to others. For more Saran -- yoga, healing, music and more, please visit her here.


  • Tina commented on November 21, 2013 Reply
    “Good, good, good vibrations! Good, good, good….” okay I’ll stop before they go into highpitch. But thank you. I love your writing, your VIBRATION! And with 26 days of kundaliniyoga every day and a 11 minutes waheguru-meditation I can for the first time honestly say that I believe this to be true. Before I thought, yeah sure, I can change, but I didnt believe in my heart. But now I can see it. I am changing my vibration. It is not AT ALL easy for me, holy moly, all kinds of stuff appear and wants to be looked at, old stuff and laziness and fear, but I try to be gentle and acknowledge myself for showing up. I am trying and thats all I can do. And its not like I think I am gonna ride in to the sunset surrounded by unicorns or whatever and nothing will ever be challening again, but now I find it easier to find my center. I just needed this article today. Thank you, take care!
    • Saran Kaur commented on December 9, 2013 Reply
      Dear Tina, thank you! I think that sounds like you’re doing really well! Have you considered the option of riding into the sunset on a bunch of Unicorns even if there are challenges? :) We have the choice of happiness in any moment, even the challenging ones. :) XO, Saran
  • creekrose commented on November 21, 2013 Reply
    questions . . .. so what happens when we give up those crappy emotions/feelings/thoughts/etc. to an invisible universe? do they get absorbed away from ourselves, raising our vibration, lightening our load, etc. and simply dissolve into ether, vanished, gone, dissipated, non-existant, where we can forget about them? or do we assume this because assuming this is part of how we can justify the giving up, in order to feel better? is it not our responsibility to know where what we’re giving away goes before we put it out there? . . . . given the connectivity between all beings, is it possible that what we give away is going to go find some other being to carry it around for a while, until it keeps cycling around OR someone finds a way to transform the baggage, alchemicalize it, so that what’s given away raises not only our own vibration but lifts up the overall vibration by virtue of what Is being put out there not being all that is dross and trashy and what we don’t want, but rather what we do want and are giving away all the same . . . .?
    • Saran Kaur commented on December 9, 2013 Reply
      Dear Creekrose, my understanding and experience is that the Cosmic Trashcan recycles the energy into a new form. When we release it, it simply becomes “energy” and that is raw material that is usable for anything. The “responsibility” you’re speaking of is often the ego wanting to hold on to the energy/issue/memory/ status quo. but in reality, when we ask for help, we receive it. When we give up our troubles, we can be carefree. (Doesn’t mean the Universe won’t make us work our butt off regularly!) The ego takes everything very seriously and has a hard time realizing that life – and things – can be, if not always easy, then at least MUCH easier! :) Hope that gives a bit of light. XO, Saran
  • Sebastian commented on November 21, 2013 Reply
    So true… By far my best days are the ones in which I take 30 minutes to really meditate and visualize the perfect day in the morning. I don’t get why I don’t do this every day. Thanks for the reminder!
    • Saran Kaur commented on December 9, 2013 Reply
      Cool! :) Sometimes it’s just about establishing a routine – have you tried commiting to it for 40 days? Doing something every day for 40 days really powerfully establishes a habit, or breaks an undesired pattern. XO, Saran
  • Catherine Ann commented on November 30, 2013 Reply
    Thank you. You words remind me to respect and honour the sacred within all of life, including myself. Again, Thank you. I look forward to more of your articles.
    • Saran Kaur commented on December 9, 2013 Reply
      Dear Catherine Ann, thank you so much! :) Yes, we are such Divine beings. :) Keep living the light! XO, Saran
  • creekrose commented on December 22, 2013 Reply
    thanks for the follow up, which has shone light on a muddled spot . . . . the new perspective i’m absorbing here is that the particulars/details of what is released are not actually what is released, more so than the energetic patterns associated with that baggage . . . . .. therefore they wouldn’t keep going around since that form is what i might have done with the initial energy, so by giving it back or returning the energy it recycles into just that: energy unassociated with any personalization, etc. and is free to be reused over again in some new way or however another being chooses to create/etc. with it. so one can just let it go into the cosmic recycling center, where being energy it gets stripped of all those issue/memory//personalization and re-emerges anew, kind of like the phoenix. anyways, will be digesting this tonight some more, this is feeling like a lightflare moment . . .. happy soulstice and shine on :) ~~~~creekrose

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