Warrior of the Heart: Fighting the Good Fight.




The story of Virabhadra is a little bit creepy. When his wife Sati self-immolates in the Yagna after an argument with her father, a devastated Lord Shiva creates the super being Virabhadra to destroy all the guests in the Yagna, and especially Sati’s father, Daksha.

Despite all the eeriness of the myth, when you practice Virabhadrasana II time and time again while keeping this story in mind, you may be lucky enough to meet the warrior in your own heart — the warrior who tries to confront you with your own spiritual, mental, physical and emotional weaknesses.

It is crucial for us to accept these weaknesses without judging ourselves. Only after this realization is it possible to truly bond with our essences.

And the wild warriors in our hearts will show no mercy to any kind of flabbiness. So set your intentions well, open your heart and mind to the legends told for centuries, and get ready for the fight.

Since there is no winning or losing in this sacred fight, you need not be scared. Remember that the sole purpose of this fight is only to heal your soul with the kind kisses of the warrior’s sword on the diseased zones.

Like all the standing poses, Virabhadrasana II helps you to ground deeper as well; to reach your roots, embrace them in the soul level and reveal this core strength — both to yourself and to the world — through your arms. In time, you learn to remember to root down with the back heel when you bend your front knee. After that, you summon all your strength in your center, and spread it evenly from both your legs and arms.

When you reach this point, you just feel like floating with very powerful grounding.

To achieve Virabhadrasana II from Tadasana, spread your feet sideways, approximately four feet apart. Turn your left foot 90 degrees left, and your right foot slightly to the right. Align your left heel and right heel as if they are on the same thin plank. Firm your thighs and lift your chest up with a gesture of proper pride. With an exhalation, bend your left knee over your left ankle.

Imagine your left shin as anchored perpendicular to the floor, and keep your left thigh parallel to the mat. Remember to strengthen the right leg, and press on the outer side of the right heel. Transfer the power from your legs to your center, and spread it to your arms by stretching them sideways, parallel to your mat. Your palms will be facing down, both giving and taking the energy. Just breathe, and feel the earth beneath you.

Close your eyes for a moment, remove all the walls and curtains, and salute your inner fighter.

With this strong foundation, we can take up all the challenges that life throws at us. Yes, we can.

In this asana, I feel humbly strong. My head high, my eyes far away, I feel the magical vibes of the divine substance. I feel peace on the war zone.

“Remove all the walls and curtains so you can get closer and purely love. Have principles but do not use them to exclude or to judge the others. Stay far from idols, especially from those you made from your own principles. Have a powerful faith, but do not play the powerful.” ~ Shams Tebrizi


OzlemOzarpaciOz Darpa resides in her chaotically beautiful city, Istanbul. She is wild at heart and a true Libra. She practices yoga, and translates and writes for a living. Yoga feeds her soul, and translation fills her pocket. It is her pact with the Devil. She is very fond of ‘losing herself in the things she loves, and then finding herself there too’. Although she would prefer not to be born, she is in love with the mystery of life with every cell in her soul. You could get in touch with her on Instagram and Facebook.


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