Like when you call me baby. {poetry}


~ Photo: Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman kiss in the 1946 thriller Notorious ~

~ Photo: Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman kiss in the 1946 thriller Notorious ~

By Jennifer Gray.

There are lines
that cross –

intersecting passions –

of ghost and
dream and

Like, when you call me “baby” –
and everything in me
responds –

as if I am the one,
the only,

But all the while
I am dancing
among the
many that came

We dance
at the refiner’s

gifts of
leap and prance
among the flames –

sacred offerings
holding space
upon the altar
of our new-found love.

I wonder –
what woman
has shaped you, dreamed
you, nurtured and
fed you, even in
spite of yourself?

I long to
dance inside
her skin,
to know her
belly and her
breasts, the scent
between her thighs,

the way she called out
when you were inside her –

as if this knowing
will seal our
fate: yours and mine.

Back and forth,
we dance.

Around and
the fire that



JenniferGrayJennifer Gray tends toward the dramatic and passionate, is a committed feminist and lover of all things just and equitable, is a complete homebody who dreams of international travel, and is doing her best to figure out what this ‘being human’ thing is all about. Learning as she goes, for sure. She also loves poetry — reading it, writing it, dreaming it, speaking it. Read more of her meanderings at PoemsThoughtsAndOtherThingsByJen.


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