The Art Of Letting Go.



Letting go of the past.

     Beliefs, concerns, ideals.

     Love, loss.

Finding a space between blame

     and responsibility.

Learning to live without regret,

     still learning from mistakes.

Releasing attachment to person, place and thing.

     Then, now, and future.

Expectations met, exceeded, destroyed.

Delusions of reality, but a reality free

     from delusions of self, other.

Balancing care and releasing other.

Redesigning lives according to what’s left

     Us. We.

Guarding against the hardening,

     knowing its the only way to survive.

Learning to love the burden,

     Not burdened by love.

Setting the heart free from the mind,

     minding the heart.

Choosing the path, the noble goal.

     While releasing the endpoints, the

     way stations, the depots.

Riding the train on solid track, a map to follow,

     but the destination created along the way.

Finding empty space,

     and being happy with just that.





SR Atchley

SR Atchley

A writer, artist & dreamer, Shanna has been potentiating talent since childhood. She is moved by nature, the arts, and academia, along with the vast mysteries of our inner and outer worlds. Shanna has a BSN, and has spent the majority of her career caring for others. It is possible to share your dreams & talents with Shanna by emailing her, or connecting via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If all else fails, she’ll likely find you in a dream, in which case, please feel free to introduce yourself.
SR Atchley
SR Atchley