Cascading Liberation: Set Yourself Free.




By Laurie Perez.
How many jails are you in, my love? I’d like to spring you from each and every one, but I’m pretty sure all the locks are on the inside.

Even that pocket full of keys you’ve acquired through hard work won’t do you much good in there: these are combination locks and the code required is in your mind, not some piece of metal made by a keymaker. Punching in a variable sequence of acceptance, reverence, levity, power, buoyancy, clarity, bravery and newness will do the trick.

There are so many jails: The jail of tedium and routine. The jail of a cubicle or teleconference or to-do-list. The jail of what they did to you seven years ago (it was truly awful). The jail of a big, relentless dream anchored to a painfully distant tomorrow. The jail of an alarm clock, punch clock, traffic cop. The jail of your body not collaborating with the lithe truth of your spirit. The jail of diets and therapy and resumes and your parents’ opinions on just about anything.

The jail of boredom. The jail of indecisiveness and bills to pay and the nerve of that guy who cut you off on the freeway. The jail of the stunning success you never moved beyond, deer in the headlights of your own potential.

There may even be real jail: a literal lock-down in a literal cell — a course of chemo — a prison sentence — chronic pain — that thing that makes you different from the rest of us — your inescapable diagnosis, prognosis, halitosis. Any of the above and then-some: I want you free from them.

The lock is on the inside, where your freedom sits unfazed.

The radical, tirelessly adoring Self in the center of this story absolutely loves the experience of being You! Gray walls, gorgeous vistas, penthouse views or dim subway tracks: the identity you offer the world is the only light that defines these spaces.

Stir some love into the scene before you right now — release yourself like a rising sun, a benevolent force for good waking up your day.

Words and motion — a rising pulse of divinely orchestrated action, the thrill of joining forces, cascading liberation. All those brilliant truths inside of me — and in you — I want them to be true!

There’s vibrancy in life itself that, for a time, was shrinking to a pinpoint, dangling out of reach – but here it is: a sparkler in hand, a wish and a match, fire and vision at my command. Inventing (no longer venting) I arrive in a new day and conjure up an attitude so bright, there’s no room for longing — it’s filled to overflowing with wild willingness to receive the best that keeps unfolding.

No jail exists inside this revelry.



Joybroker Laurie PerezLaurie Perez (Joybroker) is a mentor, mediator and guide to enlightenment in everyday circumstances. Author of Inner Garden and WakeUP and creator of leading edge events like Arizona Tempest, Vivid Dinner and Head Over Heels, Laurie builds bridges for cubicle slaves and disenchanted lovers to cross into the lyrical world. Like Joybroker on Facebook or tweet @joybroker on Twitter.



{Break out!}


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