Forget. {poetry}




By Jessica Bundy.

Forget that

you are alone;

forget, for a moment,

that you are alone.

Forget that

what keeps you

from the night

is the small comfort,

tiny glow,

of lamp light.

Forget that one day

even that bulb will go;

just one small light

you will hardly know.

Forget how the sun

always rises;

forget that it

always sets too.

Forget every single hand

reaching out

to guide you;

lifelines and wrinkles,

paths of where to go.

Forget too the palms

held up to your face;

forget those hands

that said No.

Forget the mothers,

the fathers,

the sons,

the daughters,

forget every single lover;

forget that they will

all always someday go.

Forget that you cannot

hold a hand forever;

forget every promise

ever whispered;

for in the light

it will rise up

gentle as mist,

and you will be left,

like the grasses,

with a distant memory

of being kissed.

Forget the endless cycles

of birth and death.

Forget that every moment

lasts only until

the exhale of breath.

Forget forever

that there was ever more

you believed.

Slip deeply into sleep

and hope that none

will wake you

from your dreams.

Remember only

the wind that calls your name,

down those long deserted streets.

Remember only

the silence that follows

the rise and fall

of your weary feet.


JessicaBundyJessica Bundy is a folk singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. When she is not writing and performing songs, she can be found engaging in various other creative pursuits. Sharing her writing and affecting people, both through music and through the written word, has become a deeply cherished part of Jessica’s life. You could contact Jessica via emailFacebook or her website.


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