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Slow down and softly glow.




By Katherine Mullin.
Sometimes how tense we are…

We awake and harden to the day; we brace, we flinch, we walk.

Our cozy duvets cast aside, we move.

The rule of the day is: Toughen up! Be strong, be nimble, quicker, braver, harder, faster…

Not as nature planned it, but as humans made it.

Our feet firmly planted on the ground, our tough outer frame becomes our daily knight. These garments show our strength, our honor, our hard exteriors; they give a glimpse but never more. The what-is-real beneath sleeps on. The heart forgotten for a while as it lies inside a dormant chest.

It raises a beat each time we move — it beats, of course it beats… It cheats this living, and authentic it is not.

It is underneath today — under, under thoughts and words. The day is on top and we are the image. This image portrays and betrays us in equal measure.

Inside ourselves, our spongy hearts and lungs and brains remain. Their softness we have left behind and forgotten as the day taps on them and makes us hide ourselves from the real.

Our turtle suits fit so we walk like ninjas and keep our shells held tight. Ready for the day and whatever it may bring.

How hard the day makes us…

The news, the fights, the power struggles. Who is the toughest?

When the world has so many grey areas, until with clarity we paint these grey areas bright exuberant colors with our softer strokes of wisdom, we cannot lead a future of golden rainbows.

Not me! Not you! We crave a warm secluded place — a place of silent worth.

I bury my thoughts beneath these trees and curl into the soil from which they grow. My earthy nature blossoms, with my heart beloved and full!

I say to all I meet these days, “… be glad, be softer, calmer, kinder.”



Rushing is never faster. Look at the seeds you have planted, feed them! Give them time to grow and dance along the way.

Dance and sing and softly glow.

Dance and sing and softly glow.
Sing to yourself, don’t be afraid to be alone.
Some times my head hurts…
It moves around with waves and thoughts.
It tells me to begin…
Shh! Put those thoughts to bed and listen –
Rest your head, you worry too much.
The softest whispers breathe in silence.
The lightest footprints walk into the mind with tiptoed feet that dance…
Softly, softly, softly dance.
Love those prints, they’re yours.
Remember that dance.
Move those feet in time with the ocean.


Today I will cherish softness like wisdom from an acorn. From me or from others, whichever comes first.

“And a softness came from the starlight and filled me full to the bone.” ~ William Butler Yeats

I think of softness walking through my head, and kindness falls to me from clouds.

I think of my future — it is kind. It is only ever kind. It will always be kind to me.



KatherineMullinKatherine Mullin loves exploring. She is a teacher, and loves the knowledge learning brings to us. She believes in creativity and kindness in all things. She has just qualified as a NLP practitioner, and hopes to build her own company around NLP for education, business and therapy. She has her own small Reiki room too, which she uses to heal and relax her friends. She meditates and practices Yoga to hear whispers of the heart and peace out from a busy day. She loves swimming in pools or open water. She is very excited about the Aerial Yoga that is coming to Liverpool. She believes in great hidden secrets, like Roald Dahl said, “… watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” She also loves photography, art and fashion, and hopes to develop work on a Yoga photography project in 2014. You could connect with Katherine on Facebook and Twitter.

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