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Mystical Menstrual Wisdom.

There is a stirring in the mystical realm. The etheric menstruation of the universe is about to begin.

Its abundant femininity cannot be ignored, as the way is prepared for the union of mercury and the Aquarian sun, traveling together back in a time of reflection and renewal. We are witness to the great moon lodging of celestial bodies from the 6th until the 28th of February in Mercury Retrograde.

As we have taken the first swift, light-footed steps into the Lunar New Year, we have become acquainted with the power of equine wisdom. Our spiritual thirst is being quenched at the river of life.

Many will welcome victory after arduous battles, spontaneous adventure after the stagnation of apprehension, and the fulfillment of love after long-suffering patience for the right time to arrive. This is the time of connection to the fruition of dreams through clear, decisive action.

Hope and optimism can no longer be restrained. They gallop, unbridled and graceful, into the endlessness within us, bolstering us to prepare for change and surrender joyfully to the flow of it.

Our connection with compassion grows from the transformative tears of the goddess Kwan Yin whose cries create bodies of water, their lunar tides dancing to the moonlight. The sacred horse that is our collective wisdom knows this, and sees that it is safe to drink.

This is a crucial period of spiritual growth that can help stimulate mental capacity, communication, insight. During the retrograde flow, the Universe purges itself, sometimes causing the things that do not serve our highest good to stop working.

By this crafty universal magic, we are forced to slow down and live without time, schedules, and electronic devices. We enable our illumination to take place, honoring the presence of divinely inspired ideas. For the artist, this helps her to realize the creative process more profoundly.

This is her moment to become lost in the current as she refrains from rushing to an end result.

The Aquarian Retrograde is the time when all women are at their most powerful, especially during their own menstrual flow. The beauty of the moon waxing and waning is intelligently alive in our sacred bowl of creativity, our uterus. Our ovaries communicate and hold the essential elements of life.

In an otherworldly capacity, they connect effortlessly with the phases of the moon. They awaken the energetic receptors of our fallopian tubes as they carry seeds of life. Women are the organic elements of all forms of life, communication and awareness.

Our fertility can manifest in every way imaginable. Through the flow of our blood we can create new worlds, heal others and ourselves.

The flow of blood represents freedom of choice. We are the only known species that can track, plan and decide when to procreate. We women know when the time is right, and our bodies know when we should continue the process of procreation or end it. We are the only experts of Body Feminine.

The complexity of the Divine Feminine has frightened patriarchal systems for eons. Sacred ritual surrounding our cycles has been the reason we have been burned at the stake.

We have seen religious text turn against the Divine Feminine, lessening her empowered role to wanton whore, her most worthwhile occupation to prostitution, with the very first of her kind bearing the curse of original sin.

We have been deemed unclean, the weaker sex, and unfit for decision-making, holy ritual and human contact as long as the menstrual flow is present.

The same system is victoriously lauded in the art of war-mongering and rape.

With hands stained from the blood of innocent children killed in the crossfire of ideology for the spoils of conquest, the unaware patriarch feebly gropes sacred elements of life, grasping for life at the minuscule particle he understands and begins categorizing, with little reverence, the role of the Mystical Feminine.

It is in our unique ability to grow stronger with the flow of pure blood derived from our communication center — the sacral chakra — that makes us powerful. It has piqued the attention of those that wish to control it, causing a war on women.

Sadly, even misguided women have joined the ranks of this war. We have poisoned the sacred waters of the collective feminine by turning against one another, causing us to compare ourselves to unrealistic ideals.

We have been taught to despise our own bodies and fearfully suppress the beauty of menstruation in all of its painful teachings.

My examples of the sacred feminine flow were fraught with negativity. Everywhere I shared in the Experience Feminine, I observed that we were not honored for our bleeding power. Living in a hodgepodge of puritanical viewpoints and punitive religion, I was taught that my cycle was unclean.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to know more about it. I would make PMS jokes out of curiosity, not knowing what those three letters meant. I was deemed dirty and told by my mother that I was not nice. When my first cycle arrived, I bounded from the bathroom, victorious.

My mother rolled her eyes and huffed, “Oh God!” before she unceremoniously tossed me a sanitary napkin. What were my options? What did this mean? I felt like I stepped into a magical realm of feminine wonder, but I was the only one there.

The women of my household operated on the side of belief that menstruation was curse from (the man) God because of Eve’s bite from the apple. Menstruation was barely discussed, and when it was, it was never positive.

My sister had terrible menstrual problems. Her cycles would arrive with a vengeance, tearing her apart from inside. She would be incapacitated from painful cramps that caused her to projectile vomit, making her dehydrated and susceptible to illness.

My mother had a rare form of cancer that metastasized to her uterus. A hysterectomy was not enough to save her life. She always considered herself dirty, unclean. She was raised to believe that her worthlessness was augmented by the magic between her legs.

When I went to live with my father and his new wife, who had no knowledge of the multifaceted vulnerability of a woman, the messages became worse.

Not only was my sacred sexuality repeatedly defiled against my will, my father and his wife rebuked my femininity, called my menstrual cycle filth, and made me feel disgusted to be naturally feminine.

When I thought I escaped their clutches by marrying young, my husband during that era of my life would pierce me with a stare from his ice-cold blue eyes on the arrival of my cycle and mutter, “I don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.”

I was decimated. I became unhealthy, obese.  But it was the connection to my divine femininity that brought me back home.

I watched the power of a negative message poison the waters of womanhood for long enough. I turned inward and went on a healing journey that I, to this day, traverse. Each day I continue on the path of knowing myself.

In those early crucial moments, I already decided that being a woman was a gift that I will not allow to be usurped. My inherent desire was to break the cycle of misogyny that invaded the family line simply by enjoying my feminine beauty in all of its rawness. That is my victory.

In my natural rebellious fashion, I was attuned to behave the opposite way everyone around me behaved. I, like my blood, could not be contained or suppressed. I had to be free.

I discovered the powers of my feminine gift and shed my family blood for the sake of boundless spiritual connection to my life — my holy truth. When I held on to these truths, my body became a holy vessel of awareness, curiosity and delight.

Life is a gift. I believe that what you put into life is what you get out of it. I bleed proudly with overflowing gratitude for the gift each and every cycle. We have a deep relationship, my cycle and I. She is one who has never abandoned me. I can count on her presence and her teachings of love.

She helped me bring beautiful children into the world. She cleanses my body and environment of toxins. She teaches me to rely on my intuition. She is my art teacher, my spirit guide. She holds the space for my incredible sexual pleasure. She is healthy. She is pure.

She is my true form, my essence of womanhood.

Collectively, we have no other choice but to acquiesce to the cosmic menstrual flow and the feminine awakening that is the evolutionary process of which we are a part. There is no more room for edicts or political propositions that wish to decimate the female form.

The Divine Feminine is much grander than hysterectomies, mastectomies, abortions and miscarriages. We are the universal bearers of life. We stand between the doorways of life and death, holding the power of creation in the suppleness of our delectable form.

We have always been fit for worship — our intuition has been steering this multidimensional chaos the entire time.

My fellow Goddesses, it is an honor to be a part of you. It is an honor to reflect you. I celebrate your flow and stand in awe of your strength. During your menstrual time this retrograde, let us share in the flow of the unseen, connect our hearts and activate change.

The fractal Universe is reflecting upon you, moving through you during this sacred time.

May you heal your hurts, conjure your desires, and birth a healthy future.



AnjanaDixon01Anjana Love Dixon is a Spiritual Thought Leader, Interfaith Minister, Psychologist, and holds a doctorate in divinity. In 2012 Anjana launched The Anjana Network, the home base of her wisdom writings. It is from this place that she delivers deeply personal reflections of her journey to wholeness, inspires change, and provokes thought. Through sharing influential insights through interviews, articles, and her unique connection to the world, Anjana has become an internationally renowned wisdom writer and cited spiritual thought leader with contributions to major online publications including Rebelle Society, Elephant Journal,, and HuffPost Live. Anjana is a member of The Beautiful Writer’s Group with Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen and is currently preparing for the launch of her second book, Start in The Dark: Soul Work for Opening the Heart and Creating a (Real) Life.


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