Love: Study 1. {poetry}



{George and the Lion}

i am the lion and

you are the lamb and

as prophesied,

we will lie down together.

because love is greater

than the sum of its parts.

love breaks all rules,

ignores all customs,

cuts through fences,

slips across front lines,

trespasses against us,

steals what it pleases,

pleases its victims,

slays its critics,

bleeds us to delirium,

and saves our souls.

no matter the cost.

love does not keep a ledger.

love has no master.

love knows no yesterday.

love seeks no tomorrow.

love needs nothing.

and nothing can be

taken from love.

love is terrifyingly complete.

love is truth unbound.

love breaks all rules.




{A poem from the book Love Jaywalks: Poems from Waking Up at Rembrandt’s

by Thomas Lloyd Qualls}



{Love is an outlaw}


Thomas Qualls

Thomas Qualls

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Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer -- a condition that is apparently incurable. He manages his condition, in part, by regular contributions to Rebelle Society and to Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine. He's also a novelist, an essayist, a videographer, a painter, a bike rider, and through his law practice -- a sometimes salvager of troubled lives. 'Waking Up at Rembrandt’s', his debut novel, has received local and national critical acclaim. The second edition of the novel is available in print (think of vinyl, only for books) and on multiple e-version platforms. There’s also a book of poetry, 'Love jaywalks', available everywhere e-books are sold. Still on the horizon: a collection of essays, some new paintings, and a second novel, 'Painted oxen', due out soon. In the meantime, you can visit his website whenever you like for more of his stuff.
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