Rediscovering the ‘Heal’ in Health.


{Photo via Vintage Everyday}

{Photo via Vintage Everyday}

By Sadie Rose Casey.
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about health care.

I’m sure many of us are dutifully trudging through the paperwork that the new health care act has brought our way. But hey, I’m into it.

I have been paying for private health care  for myself and my son since I moved to California four years ago. Prior to that, I was on the Oregon Health Plan, a free plan that I received once I became pregnant with my son.

My primary care provider in California is a local ND (Naturopathic Doctor) with whom I have  established a long-term and knowing relationship.

For general health and wellness, I turn to her. Several times she has successfully treated ailments and illnesses for both myself and my child. If something does not require immediate care, I choose to go to her for several reasons:

1. I know her, and she knows me. I have been going to her long enough that I feel comfortable at her office and feel that I have a substantial history there.

2. Her office is cozy and lovely. Finding “cozy” in the medical field can be challenging these days.

3. She listens to me, and asks a lot of questions.

4. She gives me options — generally I choose treatment with botanicals, but for certain issues, I will choose Western antibiotics or antivirals, which she also prescribes. 

5. I feel safe there. I have had a couple experiences in the past with misdiagnoses and improper treatments with my son. This has not occurred here. 

6. I trust her. Based on my medical history in this office and the success of mine and my child’s treatments, I feel confident that I can be helped.

I pay for these visits out of pocket, and I pay only when I go in. It is not cheap, but it  feels like a great investment in my health, my happiness, and my sanity.

Additionally, certain things (like my blood tests) that are needed for  treatments through my ND’s office can, and will, be billed to my private insurance. Win.

The reason I’m sharing this is because I hear so many people saying, “I have to go to this Doctor because that’s who my insurance covers,” or “I can’t afford that,” — the “that” being something extra to create wellness in one’s life or in one’s body.

I feel like many people don’t realize that very good (albeit alternative) healthcare is realistically within our reach.

Of course you should keep going to what is covered by your insurance, but if they aren’t listening to you, or if they continually misdiagnose you, or if they just plain old can’t figure out what the hell is wrong, then we should all feel empowered to seek other answers.

In these cases, there is no such thing as too much information. And, it is only once we are informed from all directions, that we can make educated choices for treatment.

In each of our communities, there are doctors, healers, and educators who might be outside the traditional medicine box, but they have very valuable resources to share.

They are also much more affordable than the highly-regulated maze of doctors/insurances that often overwhelms us. I’m not encouraging alternative medicine as the only way, but I’m encouraging it as one of the less-traveled paths.

I also know that I’m speaking from a privileged position. Many people simply do not have the cash to go to an alternative healer. However, depending on the community you live in, there are varying types of affordable alternative healers around you.

Once you step into their world, more doors will open — and the learning will begin.

Between my local natural healers, Planned Parenthood, my family, and private health insurance, I feel that my health and my son’s health is very well protected and nurtured.

This is also because I was raised by a mother who encouraged me to know my body, to seek healers, and to know what healing is. I notice when a doctor or dentist uses the word “heal” in conversation, many of them do not even know the term at all.

As we move into the future, it is vitally important that we learn how to access healing as a community — that we learn (and are allowed) to trust our instincts, and that we know all the ways to access healing beyond simply going to the designated physician on a provided list.

You are entitled to be healthy and to pursue joy through your physical existence.

You are even entitled to spend money on your health. Investing in your physical health is not only an investment in your happiness, it is an investment in the love and grace of future generations.

It is an act of kindness to those around you, for we must save ourselves in order to fully live and to fully love.


SadieSadie Rose is a writer, mother, designer, wardrobe stylist and vintage clothier. She lives in Northern California where she works with a large network of other women to produce art and beauty through creative design and collaboration.When she is not creating, designing, or styling things, she enjoys reading excellent novels, drinking tea, and sitting in the sun. Above all, her greatest pastime (and accomplishment) is watching her 9-year-old son reveal to her the great mysteries of the Universe. You could contact Sadie via her website.

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