The Barrage. {poetry}

I guess that something burst

inside of me,

like a barrage,

but not as fast.

The mask fell off

when the water masses

threw me to the ground.

I guess I didn’t think

that the wall would fall already,

although I have tried

to dig my way through it

during many years,

to see the light,

and feel the freedom.

Like a prisoner

in his little cell,

who every day scrapes

off a little bit of the wall,

with a hidden tool,

I would get through

no matter how long

it would take.

And the wall cracked at last,

and brought with it all

on its way to the unknown.

I didn’t have time to move away

when the water masses

rushed forth,

but drowned in all

the lumber and dirt

that the water brought.

I was so caught off-guard

and I felt the anger rise inside me

when I fell to the ground.

Felled by my own water

that raged over me now.

My clothes were ripped off my body

by the power of the water,

and when all was over and silent,

I stood there naked.

Was it this that I had hoped for

when I was dreaming of

the fall of the wall ?

Now I was lying

among the debris and rubble

on the wet soil

and everything was chaos.

My old habit of fighting

had to come to an end

because everything was open

and straight

in front of my eyes to see.

No protection, no wall anymore,

to hide behind

for cover and security.

The people close to me

looked at me in wonder,

and I didn’t know

what they felt or thought,

when they saw a mermaid

flounder on dry land…

only that everything was changed.

How could I explain something

that was a mystery to myself?

As naked, I wanted both to hide from the world

and to dance like crazy, screaming

in a summer rain as never before.

Such remarkable contrasts…

I also wanted to grieve

what had been washed away

when the wall fell,

and the tears came

without asking for permission.

Walls are heavy and impenetrable,

while freedom is light as a feather

and infinite…

yet it can be hard to carry.

Maybe because it can

lift you like a bird

to unimaginable heights

and unknown places

we otherwise would never reach.



FriedaTarnFrieda Tärn is a constant seeker of who she is, trying to understand herself and life through nature and gardening, reading, being creative in various ways, and believing that magic exists everywhere if we only allow it. You could contact Frieda on Facebook.



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