The Impossibility Of Being — A Call To Creative Action.


If I visualize what it means to be a true Being stripped of all my human constraints — my core essence, I envision bright light energy.

I am well aware of my spiritual self having a higher priority over my physical self.

But, I find the concept of simply being an impossible goal.

Be happy, be positive, be whoever you want to be, be yourself… just be?


To sit in that which you are, and to absorb and reflect it — requires a whole lot of doing.

Being sad has a myriad of components. You need to feel your feelings, think about what they mean to you, let yourself cry, etc. — you have to do many things to result in the culmination of being any one thing, at any one time.

Being is the sum of a combination of many doings. So the concept of Be Yourself is like stating an impossible life goal as an everyday ordinary occurrence.

Strive for a life of enlightenment, wisdom and growth, and then, maybe, there is a possibility, but to throw being out there as a casual to-do is setting you up for failure.

Being you is one of the most difficult things to do. From the moment we are born, we are in survival mode: crying, yelling out, demanding food, protection and nurturance. To be — to exist, to remain, to survive, we first need to do something.

As we develop and grow into adults, and become ourselves, we are inducted into the notion that now we must Be someone — the very person that we are, but not exactly… no, who we should be as ourselves is a man-made construct based on our particular family, culture, society — often in direct contrast to who we feel that we intrinsically are.

We strive to find ourselves, assuming that the person we truly are is patient, accepting, kind and loving. We try to rid ourselves of our negative animalistic qualities in order to be true to our real authentic spiritual selves — to rid ourselves of the human and to focus on the being.

To strip away all the actions, all the things we have done, that have made up who we seem to be, but not necessarily actually are.

But it is what we do that makes up who we are! We are a collection of all of our doings. Embracing all the multiple colors of our personalities culminates in the bright white being that is our collected, collective truth.

Just be is a call to action. I am being myself. How? By staying true to my morals and values so that my actions are in accordance with them. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I do things that relate to who I am. As a creative being, I create things. As a writer, I write.

As people, our actions define us.

In a state of being, the potential exists within us to become or do anything, but only when we are moved into action, is that potential actualized and we are able to become. How do you know what you are until you do something about it? We live in the space of reality and not only imagination.

We are constantly doing something: surviving, laughing, crying, reading, running, relaxing, thinking.

And as kaleidoscopic creatures, we are continually learning, growing, developing and changing; at best we are caught mid process, transforming from one thing into another. There is no stagnation, merely captured moments in between a million diverse actions. We are dynamic energy.

Let us fulfill our truths, let us truly be by taking action to become, and continue to become… by doing.


Lauren Wallett
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