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7 Steps to Walk an Awesome Path in Life.


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By Katherine Mullin
Sometimes we scramble around, we sniff, we call, we search.

Let’s face it — we are all looking for that sometimes seemingly elusive awesome life. Our busy lives consume us and quickly we can begin to feel we have left our grassy path of awesomeness and swerved off into a muddy ditch. How did that happen? Don’t panic!

In fact, now is the time to climb out of said ditch, dust down and get back on track to an awesome life — the one you set out for before everything else, whatever that might be, got in the way.

So put one foot in front of the other, shake off the mud, and stay on track with some pointers for your awesome journey. Step on it and don’t look back!

1. Live from your heart, live with desire. Always focus on the things you are passionate about. What makes you buzz with excitement and follow that sound? What makes you come alive? Find it and be it, and become the expert in that. This will lead you to where you ought to be. This is your path.

If you follow your heart, your head will love you for it!

2. Be yourself — don’t hide, be free. Enjoy who you are, warts and all. Love your best bits, but don’t forget your worst bits too and give them a big squeezy hug every day — speak to them kindly and you will become happier than you ever imagined!

3. Have vulnerable times. Yes, you heard me! Vulnerability is endearing, it’s authentic, don’t hide it under a shell, be it, love it and show it. When vulnerability has crept back into our lives, it must be needed. It’s there for a reason. Embrace it and accept it.

As we become stronger, we can tell others of how we got back up again and lived to tell our tale. The story of survival is always a compelling one.

Next time vulnerability comes knocking at your door, shout Hello and let it in!

4. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Do it today! What’s stopping you? Make a list of what’s stopping you, and ask yourself if they are big enough to stop you. If the answer is No, then don’t wait any longer. Go for it!

5. Share. We can all share thoughts and experiences, it’s part of life. How many times have we shared a problem and it has felt immediately better? Sharing will enhance your life. Share your words, share your deepest thoughts, share your funniest moments and share your time.

As children we all learn to share, but it does take some practice and some are better than others.

Become a champion sharer!

6. Use your body to create happy feelings. Stand tall; keep smiling even when you don’t feel like it. Move and dance to music whenever you have a moment of free time. Look up to the sky. This will get your endorphins dancing at a moment’s notice.

And for a bit of extra empowerment, stand with your body in a star shape for two minutes, make it big and bold, arms and legs stretched out wide. This will give you easier rapport and prepare your body and brain for the moments ahead.

It takes two minutes, and you are set to go!

7. Finally, let go of the things you cannot control. Release them up to the sky and leave them floating away. Let them fly, you can’t do anything about them, so let them melt away. Leave the Universe to catch them and deal with it, you have other things to do now.

You have peace in your heart and a new awesome life to enjoy!

Good luck on your journey to awesomeness where anything is possible! Watch out for the good things coming your way. Watch out for opportunities springing into your path. Say Hello to people who are awesome like you, who may cross your path to join you for those special moments.

Enjoy, enjoy enjoy the spring in your step, as you skip with flowers and butterflies in your hands towards your epic life.

Feel it, be it, live it, love it!



KatherineMullinKate believes in creativity and kindness in all things. She is a teacher and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner working with a range of children and adults with specific of learning or behavior challenges and gifts. She is currently building her own company for education (after 15 years of teaching experience), business and therapy. She has her own small Reiki room too, where she heals and relaxes her friends, does hypnosis, and meditates to hear whispers of the heart and peace-out from a busy day. She also loves Yoga, poetry, photography, drawing and fashion. You could find Kate at her website, or connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.





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