Dear Dreamer, You Are Not Alone.

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Dear Dreamer,

I know you. I know how lost you are sometimes, how lonely your heart can feel, as no one seems to understand that deep, colorful soul of yours. I know you have days on which you could curl up with the dog in his basket, oblivious of the outside world, to let his soft fur warm you up.

I know you look for true and pure connections. I know there is no other way for you to live than with an open heart.

How I know, that this can make you feel like the floor is the only thing that can hold your heavy bones. How on some nights the weight of the world makes you kneel and bow your head, cold tears running down your soft cheeks.

In those moments, your skin and muscles and those weary bones seem to be the only thing holding you back from vaporizing into thin air. I know on those same nights you lie awake, exhausted yet unable to quiet your vivid mind, the beat of your restless heart making you toss and turn.

I know this because I feel it too. I know how it is to feel the emotions of loved ones with every shift of their mood. I know to see innocent souls suffering rends your heart, making you cry with heavy sobs.

I know when you witness animals being mistreated, you are right there beside them in their tortured bodies. You can feel their tiny hearts racing in panic; you can feel their strong muscles pace restlessly in search for freedom.

When you sit in front of the TV, or reading the newspaper, looking at the problems in this world, I know it sticks. It sticks to you like a piece of gum to a shoe. You cannot simply lay it down beside you and continue your walk.

I know some days your smile is plastered to your face, hiding the heavy heart behind your chest. Knowing no one will take time to witness the longing in your eyes. The longing of those golden sparks to find kindred spirit so you can let the wildfire spread.

I know you feel like you’re trying to move a mountain — pushing, panting, growling, your arms aching, wishing, just once for other hands to imprint next to yours. I know you feel like a warrior charging solemnly at a whole army.

I know you feel like you are in the front-line all by yourself, intercepting all the bullets. I know that this fire in your soul makes you feel as if standing still will turn you into a pile of ashes on the floor.

I know sometimes you look up to the sky and wish you could grow wings, to take off with the wind, to float above it all. I know, on solitary walks through your city or wondrous woods, you have leaned against trees for comfort, hearing them sing to you their ancient tune.

I know you feel like everyone has thrown away their ideals for more money or comfort. It seems like most of them don’t care at all.

I know sometimes you feel like you are talking to zombies. In the best case, they nod empty but polite nods. In the worst case, they start making jokes or mocking you because they don’t know how to handle their own ignorance.

I know it makes you sad to watch them continue like there are no crimes being made against this earth. I know people being mean makes you want to run off into the woods to live all by yourself in a tree house with the squirrels as companions. I also know you are braver than that.

Dear Dreamer, you are not alone.

Don’t build a wall around your heart. Don’t feel misplaced in this society. Find your anchor. Breathe, Meditate, run, do Yoga. Or whatever makes you fall in line with your inner strength, your true self, and as a result, the world.

Never stop believing in magic. Never stop trusting that life will take care of you.

I know on some days you just want to close off, to hide and blend out the entire world. I know you feel your contribution is never enough. Maybe once, you tried that path of blissful ignorance too. But that is not the stardust you are made of. That is not the way your soul works.

And so your heart gets flung out there again and again on hot tarmac into traffic with everyone speeding, and while you witness it raw and  bleeding for everyone to see and no one slowing down, you know there is no other option. The only possible way for you to exist is to be pure.

There are other dreamers out there like you, and at times they feel just as daunted as you. Nights spent crying in bed, hours of sitting in a tree by yourself, thinking about how strange this world is. Nature is our purest companion.

When I’m hiding in waist-high grass watching the clouds pass by, feeling the current of this earth vibrate through my body, I feel blissful. When I sit against the trunk of a tree, listening to the leaves whisper wisdom to the wind, I feel as nurtured as a baby.

You probably think animals are better companions too sometimes… I was never unhappy spending time with furry creatures or connected to nature. It has taught me this: I’m right where I need to be. I’m a child of the Universe.

Ever felt lonely sitting in a field meditating? Ever felt sad watching beautiful scenery? Ever been annoyed by the singing of birds or the humming of the bees? Ever been angry at a tree? Since my youth, being with nature has brought me deep inner peace and a sense of completeness.

Dreamer, I want you to realize this: you are an exquisite, luminous soul.

You deserve to love yourself. It is the beginning to everything else. I know how hard this is, it took me years to do so and I’m still confronted with challenges every day to appreciate myself… but I’m getting there.

When you are able to accept who you are, to love that glorious soul of yours, when you can bundle your energy, you will see that you are actually making a difference. You will find peace in your heart and limitless drive in your body. You will find kindred spirits.

You can help make it a little more like the world in your dreams, with no fear or sadness to block you anymore. No worrying about what others think. Not that fear won’t stick his ugly head around the corner sometimes.

Sadness will keep knocking at your door; like a newspaper, criticism will weekly be delivered to your doorstep. Nothing will change and yet everything will. Your heart will no longer be paralyzed.

The way you deal with what comes along will be completely different when you are your own solid rock. When you have discovered that you are your safe haven, no storm to rock you unless you decide to open your sails and ride it.

We are not merely dreamers.

The future belongs to our idealistic, passionate spirits… to the sensitive souls, deeply touched by the pain and suffering in this world, the people who truly perceive how this society lost track of what is important. That feel the earth and its beings cry out for help, for compassion, for respect and awareness.

You will still lose courage, you will stagger, feel beaten sometimes. Often, this will make you feel completely alone.

Dear Dreamer, remember: I’m thinking of you.

Don’t let anyone discourage you. Make your dreams real. Let’s try to make this world a better place. Are you there with me? I need you. We cannot stand by and witness.

How will we be able to close our eyes in peace when time has come, if we ignore our idealistic hearts, if we ignore the voices of this world calling out to us? Let’s send each other love. Let’s think about other dreamers out there, facing the same challenges we do.

I’ll send my love to you on the wings of birds, I’ll whisper it to the sky and the wind will carry it to your corners.

When I do Yoga, when I bow my head and pay respect to the earth in Child’s Pose, my love for you will seep into the ground and be carried into the world through streams and rivers, soaked up by the trees and bloom in their strong branches with every blossom.

I’m writing this for you. May it touch your heart, may it make your soul sing. May you know I’m there with you.

For we are all connected, we are all one. We have to make people realize this with all that love our hearts contain, in order to instigate change. We are the rocks that build the mountains, we are the rivers that flow to the sea, we are the birds high up above and the lava buried deep.

We are the wind that carries the clouds and the trees dancing to the wind. We are the child who wants a future; we are the lonely old man walking his dog, wondering what has happened to this world.

We are the lion pacing restlessly in a small cage, we are the elephant hunted for ivory, and we are the gorilla seeing his living space shrink every day a little more. We are the victim of abuse. We are the children starving in poverty.

We are the polluted food we eat, the chickens stuffed together with thousands, sick from the day they are born. All this energy flows through every single soul on this marvelous planet; nothing stands on its own.

And I’m sending thanks to the heavens on my bare knees that there are dedicated spirits like you and me, not able to close our eyes.

Dear Dreamer, I love you.

For we are kindred spirits, you are part of my soul. You are never alone.

Let’s take this world together, let’s make that wildfire spread.



ElienDeProostElien needs to live intensely or not live at all. She is her own biggest critic. Yoga is her break to breathe. She’s a vegetarian fighting for animal rights. She loves writing as much as she loves reading. Books are her most valuable possession. She also loves red lipstick, searching the tide pools and cowboys. She was lucky to make traveling into her job. She has a need to wander around new places wherever her feet and heart take her. Art can touch her deeply, and the first thing she does in a new city is look up the museums. She loves sinking into theater seats all by herself to get carried away. She likes to meditate and listen to the trees whispering ancient wisdom. She believes magic is all around us. She feels like she’s never doing enough for this world. She has a strong urge to live with an open heart, to love purely and connect deeply. She believes society has a perverted look on sex and relationships. She adores sitting in a café with people and truly engage in a rich conversation. Oh, and she misses a dog.


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